Sunday, September 30, 2012

Random..and Pictures :P

I hate the blogger update, I've been not updating it and not updating it for a long time..And now it did it without me telling it to.. haha :P It was nice and simple before, but now its confusing XD :P 

But, things have been going pretty good lately! Im working my butt of with my dad to get a job finished so I can get payed some dough. ;D My brother and I are working at some really big (very very pretty) ranch house with a 350 foot long fence :P They're yard is massive, and ive seen coyotes walking around in it!! We are sanding, scraping, priming and tomorrow painting it! I am putting all the money I earn to try and get into a debate camp in June :P The work is very very grueling :P Even my brother said that its probably one of the hardest jobs hes done, (and that's saying a lot, cuz hes worked quite a few hard jobs) I think its because its been really freaking hot, and you have to bend down all day, and its on kind of a hill, and its really dusty, and having to hand sand and scrape..its hard :P  But if I don't make enough money in time, (which is likely :\ ) Ill put all the money toward either a camera, or get my pictures taken for my modeling portfolio. (Long story, but I am basically considered a model, I have an agency, but I have not had my portfolio, which means I wont really get a job..haha) Whatever :P Once I get my portfolio, hopefully Ill start getting some! :D
Me :P 
 Firework, I took this picture in Disneyland :)
 And this is actually a pretty old pic that I just edited recently :P

Welp, those are all the pictures I have to post for now :P I have not been taking nearly as many pictures as I used to :( 
But, imma sign off now!!
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Question of the post!!

What is your dream job? :)

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So on the sixth, I went to California with some super awesome people. :D My dad, sister and I woke up at the crack of dawn and trooped bleary eyed to find some coffee. After that we loaded up the van and drove to one of my best friend's house and met with some of the other people that were coming, loaded them up, dispersed into various cars, drove to the airport, got our bags checked, went through security and got more energy. (aka coffee)  By this time the group consists of, my bestie, his mom and dad, his brother and brother's wife, their three children, her mom and dad, his sister, her husband, his other sister, her husband, their two children..aaand...My sister and her boyfriend! :D Big group eh? ;) I love em :)

It was my second time to step out of the cool air conditioned airplane into the warm California air.. Then we got to the hotel and unpacked..The next day...The Disneyland time began :D It was so awesome!! :D I have been to Disneyland once before, but didn't get the complete feeling of it...It was Thanksgiving weekend, so the place was super full, I only went on like two or three rides, and barely got to see or go anywhere :P It was awesome getting to be there and all, but just not....Diiiiiiisney. This time was not like that at all :D It was amazing :D There were not a lot of people the entire time (I mean, there were a couple of days that were kind of full, but nothing that compared to the first time) :P Basically, it was the best week EVAR :D

The whole feeling of Disney was awesome :) Seeing some of my favorite childhood characters everywhere, the cuteness, the rides, the friends, the color, the feeling, the smell, the hidden Mickeys, the joy, the happy kids, (or happy teens in my case XD) everything. It.Was.Awesome. :D I got quite a few pins, and traded them around, got a "first visit!" pin and got the whooole disney feel :D

I finally reached 900 followers on instagram! ;) If you havent followed me, you should ^,^ I do follow back, and dont ghost follow :D 

Well, I feel like this post has gone for long enough...So I'll sign off now! :) 

Question of the Post!! :)

Have you ever been to Disneyland? If so, how was it?? :D

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Some late night thoughts..

I had a pretty great Sunday today! Went over to a family's house from church and hung out talking about politics, Christianity, and art. haha :P While there, two of the adults started to talk to me about the collage I am thinking about, and one of them mentioned "It would be cool to have a young person from our church go to Patrick Henry." and I was just like "Wow..That sounded so big.." The thought of the collage is big..and probably the biggest thing I have ever tried. Lot's of things go through my head like "What if I fail?" "What if I get in..And can't handle the classes?" "What if I get in and can't handle being so far away?" "What if I am so scared of getting in that I don't actually try my hardest?" "What if I put a lot of time into this and don't actually get even close?" "What if I'm putting so much thought into this, and I don't actually even end up putting the application in?" So many questions..and I can't answer them..I cant just Google and find the answer..I can't look it up on Yahoo and find someone who's asked the same question..The only person that I can ask is God..I am praying about the situation, and I know that he will give me whatever he knows is best for me in the end. But at the same time, I am kind of scared. So, please pray for me :) Pray that I'll know what to do, that I wont worry too much and give myself an ulcer...(Because knowing me..I'd do that...haha) and last but not least, please pray that I would continue to look to God for guidance :)

Now that I have gotten that out, here is a couple of the pictures that I have taken lately :)

So, you'll have to comment and tell me what you think! (Also, if they actually loaded..Because sometimes they don't load.. and it's very annoying >...<)

Tomorrow I am gonna be going to a BBQ with some awesome people for Labor Day! :) My family doesn't really ever do anything for Labor Day..haha :P But it should be fun! :) I love those people XD :D

But, I don't really have much to say now :P Soo...

Question of the post!!

What is a movie that you have really been wanting to see?

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Ramblings of a lazy blogger..

I know I have not posted a real post in far too long dear followers..So, as I sit in the depths of despair and darkness I offer you my utmost apology, pouring my very heart out and soaking my pillow with weeping...Either that I'm just stuck in my bedroom saying "sorry for not posting dudes" with a burnt out light bulb..Choose whichever story you see fit :P

Life has been pretty great lately :D Had some sad moments, some happy ones, goofy, amazing, and even bittersweet, But all in all...I'd have to say I had a great summer :D Right now I am studying (and studying..and studying...) to get into the collage of my dreams. Patrick Henry. I know I haven't been focusing on my school as much as I should if I really want to go there..But I'm going to try and work on that more in the following months :) I have some mixed feelings about the collage.. (seeing as it is in Virginia...) On one hand, I don't want to leave my friends, family, and half my life behind, and on the other hand my brain is telling me "Go for it! If you don't at least try, you'll really regret it in 5 years!" So..I've got a little blender in my head with a bunch of thoughts crammed in there spinning around :P

My camera broke..It wont recognize if there is a memory card in there..So now I am only using a phone camera that my friend Wesley gave me :) It has 5 megapixels, and works fine for me ;) Most of my recent pictures are on my Instagram...and I hardly do much with them now :P

Im officially going to be in Disneyland in 4 days!! I'm pretty excited about that :D I will be gone from the 6th-13th :D I will be there with Wesley, his family, my older sister Shay and her boyfriend, Benny :) Its gonna be a blast. (and I am going to take maaany pictures) ;)

Something else that I am wildly excited about is the fact that I get to go to a Blue October concert. Blue October is one of my favorite bands. (If not my favorite) Justin's music has so much feeling and heart...Its just amazing...and I am so happy that I get to see him in person :) I so wish I could meet him...And ya know what? Someday I will! Thats not even a maybe or a possible. I will meet Justin Furstenfeld if it kills me. :P
You see that face? That is the face of someone who literally pours every single feeling into their music. He's someone that I really admire, because despite his hurt and issues that he has to go through, he really does write music to help people in pain. He's the kind of person that I can really just describe as a beautiful person. Even if that does sound cheesy or anything. It's true. 

Question of the post!!!

What band are you literally dying to see in concert? 

Well, I had better sign off!! Thanks for reading! :)
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