Monday, August 20, 2012

instagram!! Also...Starting up again?:)

TSo, last night I was sitting on my bed poking around on my touchpad when I randomly remembered my old blog...So I checked it..and reading all the comments on my other posts inspired me to start this up again :)
I know its been a while since I last posted...haha :P

My summer has been pretty busy, I've been spending time with friends, doing school, or other things like that!

One thing that Ive been having quite a bit of fun with is Instagram ;) You should totally add me on it! (My name is elisa_kate) I've been working to my 700 followers goal, and am at around 670 at the moment :P Hopefully ill be at 850 by the end of summer! ;D If you could help me get to my goal, I would be most happy ^,^ (I follow back too!) Ive had it for quite a few weeks, but didn't actually use it much because I didn't have a phone camera :P But Wesley gave me his old phone (that i only use wifi) and I use that :D Its only got about 5MP, and its not an incredible camera..But I'm still over joyed that I have one :D :D You should follow me!! :) I don't ghost follow, and always give out likes and follows :D Sooo...Waddya say? ;D ;D

How's your summer been?:D

But...Ill try and post sometime soon! Until then, ttfn!!!
<3 <3 <3
Love ya!!