Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Californiiiiaaa! :D

So...Im home!! :D I actually got home last night. :) It was really fun, but I am super happy to be home to my amazing friends..who I seriously missed :D
I took a total of 532 pictures...But dont worry, i wont make you look through them all :P :)
Irene :)
 This was taken out the window of the plane :P
 John Wayne airport? I THINK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Of course I had to hug a palm tree. :) :)
 First time to In 'n Out!!! :D They were ok...But...I didnt like their fries...Im a biiig french fry fan..and they were icky :P :P :P
 Proof that i was actually there...haha :P
 the beach was warm! It was sooo awesome :D I spent a lot of time was really fun :D
 Irene, my cute little sister :D Who...Is 14 O.o
 The beach!! :D The sky was sooo blue! :D
 More palm trees! (there were a lot of those) :P
 Irene and I at Disneyland!!! :D :D I kinda love Disney movies and loved being there...I loved all the princess' and tiggers there...haha! I have no clue why...But I kind of fell in love with this bracelet there...It was pink and had a princess dress, a charm that said princess, shoes, a purse and a castle!!!! Ahh!!! It was soo adorable! XD But I didnt get it :(
Waiting in line....
Seriously the lines were soo long... Some of the lines were about an hour and a half :P :P It. Was. Packed. :P
Cotton candy on a stick...Oh yes..
One of the shortest lines! We kinda went on this one 4 times :P

Castle!!!!!!! :D 
This is the pool that was a little away from the house that we spent a lot of time at..XD
Hot tub! But we didnt use it as much as the pool :P
I was sooo in love with this car!!! 
And we got new hats...haha XD They were 2 bucks..lolz
Lamborghini!!!!! Ahhh!!!!! It was sooo beautiful!!! Everywhere we looked there was a Cobra Shelby, a Bentley, a Mustang, an old car, a corvette, a Hummer or a different beautiful car..Seriously, the place was swimming with them :P :)

This is a wave. In case you could not tell :P
There were seriously thousands of people surfing!
The sky was soo blue!! :)
We were very very busy the entire time and we didnt have much time to sit around :P From horseback riding, to disneyland our days were packed. :P 
I think my favorite day is when we drove up to a neighborhood where all the streets had horse themes, there were "horse Xing" signs everywhere, 23 miles of horse trails, people walking around with horses and multi-million dollar mansions to visit Cousin Dolores. :) She is the coolest person i have met in a looong time :) I got to ride a Quarter Horse named Zane :) I got to gait and he is sooo much smoother than the Arabian I used to ride :P After that we went and hung out at her multi-million dollar mansion..That was something like the movies :P We played with her dog, Zoe and visited with her other horse (a paint!!!) named Ura :D After that we went in her Hummer for dinner...hehehhehehehehehehe ^_^ and then....
We went to visit another horse named Cooper! He was a miniature horse and the cutest thing I have seen in a loooong time...:P :) They called him Mini Cooper!!! Eeeekkkk!!!! There were also about 20 other horses there and I gave each and every one of them a kiss and petted them :) All except for the one that tried to bite me....
after that...
we went back to her house and...
she gave us a ride in her...
Bentley Azure 2009 convertible!!!!
It was sooo beautiful!!
I just about died of spazzing out.

hehe....I liked it here. ^_^
 more surfers
 a crab we found!! Actually...The place was crawling with 
 The sand looked like it had glitter mixed in...hehe

 at the beach!

 Riding Zane :)

 She drank out of the pool XD :)
 Riding in the Hummer :)

 Real cherry coke!!!!!! It was sooo good...i drank so much of it I thought I was gonna explode..haha XD 

Well, I could post more but I'll spare you ;)

What is your favorite place you have traveled to? :)

<3 <3 <3

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

:) Kind of a bucket list post...^-^

Hello peoples!!! :D I'm really excited about the next few weeks....:) On Friday I am going to go to my very first concert with a my bro, Wes,his bro and maybe someone else? Not sure :P I'm super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I get to cross something off my bucket list! "15) Go see someone in concert" On my gosh!!
Then on Saturday I get to cross something more off my bucket list!!! :D :D
"17) Meet a friend that I only know on the internet."
I get to meet my friend, Julia!!! She is coming from Canada to go to a wedding of two amazing people. :) Awesome couple? I think......YES. :) They are super adorable :D you can find lots of pictures of them ,here, taken by the amazing Polka Dot :) I'm so excited to meet you girl! :) Expect me to scream your name
and and run at you, then...I may hug you real tight. I wuvs hugs ^-^ I tend to do that to people....They make me happy ^-^
Okay...I'm kind of typing this post out when I am tired....don't judge... :P things might get weird..or might just stop making sense entirely.. :P There may be tons of typos as well because I am kind of typing this up on my touchpad and I stink at typing on this thing >.< (btw, his name is Alucio, thought of by my dear friend, Raquel :) <3)
As you already know, I am going to California on the 17th! I'm still pretty pumped...if anyone mentions Cali I kind of start hyperventilating and dying :) I'm just sayin' :D Irene is pretty excited too :) We are both going to Disneyland…That doesn't even seem real O.O
My dad is going to Alaska soon! Pretty awesome, I've always wanted to go to Alaska…………… and someday I will! :) (visit. NOT live!!) I made him promise to take thousands of pictures for me..:) He'd better…
I mentioned two things are getting crossed off by bucket list, so I might as well add the entire list here…riight? Right!
Reading Daniel's post kind of re-kindled my love for Bucket ( You should really check out his blog. Its super awesome and never fails to make me laugh :) the author is a pretty cool dude in person too :)
Anyways, here's my bucket list :)
1) Fall in love and get married. :D
2)Spend all day on a very hot beach with all my friends.
3) Ride a horse bareback.
4) Travel to someplace far and take about a thousand pictures.
5) Meet someone famous. (Other than Leverage. ;) They were epic. lol)
6) Get a perfect tan. LOL ;D
7) Reach 100 followers on my blog (and/or get 20 comments on one post)
8) Get a telescope and spend all night looking at the stars.
9) Have someone work to get something crossed of off my bucket list to surprise me. :D lol
10) Ride an elephant
11) Dance in the rain. :D *check!
12) Get a camera *check!
13) Do an all nighter. *check!
14) Have a Harry Potter marathon.
15) See someone in concert
16) Fly in a small airplane thing.. :P *check!
17) Meet a friend that I only know on the internet.
18) Shop ALL DAY with my friends. :D
20) Swim with dolphins ::dreamy face::
21) Touch a giraffe *check!
22) Sell a picture or something.
23) Spend ALL day sitting around playing Xbox or games on the computer. lolz
24) Eat as much candy as I can possibly hold. (That would take a lot...) ^-^
25) Actually get hired for a modeling job. :P
26) Go on the perfect date. :)
27) Have someone send me flowers. :) lol
28) Ride a Jet Ski *Check...about a thousand times*
29) Go to Paris
30) Have frozen yogurt
31) Go to a midnight showing of a movie
32) Cry because I am so happy
33) Learn to hop-hop dance
34) Kiss my guy in front of the Effiel Tower
35) Be a bridesmaid
36) Throw a bottle with a letter inside into the ocean
37) See a friend of mine get famous.
38) Paint every single one of her nails a different color *check!
39) Get dipped while dancing *check! (even though I didn't do so well :P)
40) Go to Disneyland
41) Dance in the rain with my guy
42) Run a mile *check
43) Hike for more than 8 miles *check
44) Go camping with a tent and fire *check
45) Own a skateboard *check
46) Walk hand-in-hand with my guy on the beach
47) Eat squid *check
48) Stay with a different family for a week or more *check
50) Do over 10 pushups
51) Get streaks in my hair
52) Pierce my ears
53) Have that perfect waltz
54) Have a wish on a shooting star come true
55) Actually be able to say "Hello!" to a Russian person *in* Russian *check
56) Fill an entire journal *check!
57) Learn a different language fluently
58) Be able to use the word "discombobulate" in a normal conversation. *check!
59) Be able to say "Yes!" when someone asks if I have a, always something I thought would be so fulfilling to do..haha :)
60) Hug a panda!
61) Ride in a convertible
62) Own an old car
63) Hug a koala
64) Sleep on a trampoline.
65) Have someone call me a "whovian" *check!
I know…I don't have a very interesting bucket list.... I need to work on that……:\ but there you have it! That is my bucket list :) in case you couldn't tell there are not really deep things on there (go to collage and get a good education, learn to not hate math with such a vengeance, things like that...) Just fun stuff for this one :)
Sorry this is not a very interesting post…Lately my blog has been kind of boring, should I even keep going with it? Do people even read this stuff? Its basically me rambling on about nothing…:P
Question time!!
What is the longest you have been away from home? Why?
Love you all! Thanks for reading my whatchamacallit bloggy thing! :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


 So I still keep not posting...I know :P Anyways! I totally got this new beautiful shiny toy! Its an HP tablet and I totally love him...Yes. It is a him. And yes. I am planning in naming him...Not sure yet... But he will not be nameless. I promise you :) ;)
I also found out that I am going to Disney land for the first time in November! *spaz out dance around  the room*
life has been going really well lately :D I've got my amazing friends that never fail to make me smile, my amazing family and my amazing touchpad...that certainly doesn't make me spend less time on the internet...Watch all the YouTube videos!! :P Yep.. That's me.... :P
I'm not going to the history class on Fridays anymore, which in some ways I am happy about and others not so much :P I'm really gonna miss my "crazy history buddies" but I'm not gonna miss the homework so much :P if you know what I mean :P
Day before yesterday a couple of my great friends came over and we talked and then watched a movie. For some seriously weird reason.. Movies on make my brain decide that it's time for a little sleep and I ended up sleeping like a rock through some of it...I seriously have no idea :P It's weird :P
After the movie we all headed up to the church event, Reformation Night, the highlight of my small child life...:P This year I  set out not expecting much... But ending up with having the time of my life :) I spent the whole time with my awesome friends talking and wandering around trick or treating for experience sake. Nope, I had never been. Something was lacking in my sad sorry childhood that was suddenly filled.  At first Wes ended up knocking on every door, but after a while I was not really worried too much about it (not that I never gave him the chance....Kinda didn't like the knocking part. :P) it was fun :) Caleb ended up giving me his hat cuz my candy didn't all fit in my pockets...hehehe. ^.^
For some really annoying random reason I have just not been able to sleep during the night! I end up not  really falling asleep until about 3 every night :P It's really starting to make me tired :P
 The only thing about posting on the tablet is that I can't upload pictures...I guess when I have some I can just post on the desktop :P
As you can tell now, this post doesn't really have a point...Sorry about posts are just not the most interesting things... :P But they really can be me...haha
I kind of spazzed out the other day cuz a few of my friends and I watched My Neighbor Totoro.....Kind of made my day...But I think that it kind of disturbed some of the people there :P Goodness he is adorable XD :D <3<3<3<3 But I am pretty sure everyone knows what I think of him already ;D Totoro is not really the only thing I spazzed out about this week...I kinda got excited about all the sugar floating around as well XD kind of makes me think of cotton candy clouds...O.O that would make me spazz........O.O Can you even picture my face?! Wow.... I need one of those..Who doesnt?!
Cotton candy haters. Not that everyone is entitled to their own opinions....I happen to know someone who is not that fond of cotton candy...A good friend of mine...But still very crazy. XD :D
I think I am really tired...Did you know that the other day my sister was on video chat with someone and I was totally being the weirdest I have ever been in my life? I don't remember any of it...Which is the weird part. I woke up the next day and my sister told me some of the things I did....hiding behind our large couch and peaking over the side and being all....weird like.....:P I dunno.... XD
Last night my sisters and I played Indian poker.... I kinda won ;D Fiona lost all her candy and kind of sat at the table crying because she was laughing so was funny.... XD My drawer is kind of filled with candy SHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D

Question of the post!!!!
Have you ever been trick or treating? If so, do you still do it? :P
:@---- <--little dude with lollipop... ^.^
<3<3<3 love you all sooooo much!
I gotta say...My friends are the best...You all like of make me super happy :D
~Elisa :):):)