Sunday, September 30, 2012

Random..and Pictures :P

I hate the blogger update, I've been not updating it and not updating it for a long time..And now it did it without me telling it to.. haha :P It was nice and simple before, but now its confusing XD :P 

But, things have been going pretty good lately! Im working my butt of with my dad to get a job finished so I can get payed some dough. ;D My brother and I are working at some really big (very very pretty) ranch house with a 350 foot long fence :P They're yard is massive, and ive seen coyotes walking around in it!! We are sanding, scraping, priming and tomorrow painting it! I am putting all the money I earn to try and get into a debate camp in June :P The work is very very grueling :P Even my brother said that its probably one of the hardest jobs hes done, (and that's saying a lot, cuz hes worked quite a few hard jobs) I think its because its been really freaking hot, and you have to bend down all day, and its on kind of a hill, and its really dusty, and having to hand sand and scrape..its hard :P  But if I don't make enough money in time, (which is likely :\ ) Ill put all the money toward either a camera, or get my pictures taken for my modeling portfolio. (Long story, but I am basically considered a model, I have an agency, but I have not had my portfolio, which means I wont really get a job..haha) Whatever :P Once I get my portfolio, hopefully Ill start getting some! :D
Me :P 
 Firework, I took this picture in Disneyland :)
 And this is actually a pretty old pic that I just edited recently :P

Welp, those are all the pictures I have to post for now :P I have not been taking nearly as many pictures as I used to :( 
But, imma sign off now!!
Thanks for reading!! :D

Question of the post!!

What is your dream job? :)

:) TTFN!!!
Love ya!! 


  1. Sounds like hard work you and your brother are doing, but looks like it's paying off though. ;)

    I think my dream-job would be to travel the world while taking photos for a magazine or something. :)


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