Sunday, September 2, 2012

Some late night thoughts..

I had a pretty great Sunday today! Went over to a family's house from church and hung out talking about politics, Christianity, and art. haha :P While there, two of the adults started to talk to me about the collage I am thinking about, and one of them mentioned "It would be cool to have a young person from our church go to Patrick Henry." and I was just like "Wow..That sounded so big.." The thought of the collage is big..and probably the biggest thing I have ever tried. Lot's of things go through my head like "What if I fail?" "What if I get in..And can't handle the classes?" "What if I get in and can't handle being so far away?" "What if I am so scared of getting in that I don't actually try my hardest?" "What if I put a lot of time into this and don't actually get even close?" "What if I'm putting so much thought into this, and I don't actually even end up putting the application in?" So many questions..and I can't answer them..I cant just Google and find the answer..I can't look it up on Yahoo and find someone who's asked the same question..The only person that I can ask is God..I am praying about the situation, and I know that he will give me whatever he knows is best for me in the end. But at the same time, I am kind of scared. So, please pray for me :) Pray that I'll know what to do, that I wont worry too much and give myself an ulcer...(Because knowing me..I'd do that...haha) and last but not least, please pray that I would continue to look to God for guidance :)

Now that I have gotten that out, here is a couple of the pictures that I have taken lately :)

So, you'll have to comment and tell me what you think! (Also, if they actually loaded..Because sometimes they don't load.. and it's very annoying >...<)

Tomorrow I am gonna be going to a BBQ with some awesome people for Labor Day! :) My family doesn't really ever do anything for Labor Day..haha :P But it should be fun! :) I love those people XD :D

But, I don't really have much to say now :P Soo...

Question of the post!!

What is a movie that you have really been wanting to see?

<3 <3 <3
Love ya!!


  1. So, I figured I'd comment on this :) It's been a while since you've done an actual post! But, I like it! :) And as far as Patrick Henry goes, there will always be people around you, friends, family, and most importantly, God. We will all be here for you and I KNOW you can do anything you put your mind to :)

  2. Oh yeah, and the movie I've been wanting to see is the dark knight rises... I haven't seen it... And I still want to :P

  3. @Fmbombsaw: Thanks :D And I have not seen the Dark Knight either..Which is a bummer :P Cuz I really wanna :D

    @Kerilynn: Thank you :)

    Thanks for the comments you guys! :D


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