Sunday, December 5, 2010

A looooooong post on John Wayne.... again

Warning, this one may be kind of long....
In my opinion, John Wayne never got old or fat. As others say he did. 
He stayed like this forever.

*Happy little sigh*

Why is it that when I searched "John Wayne" a freaky looking clown came up?

One of my favorite quotes of his is:
"Don't say it's a fine morning or I'll shoot ya'"
I think that is it at least.... Something like that.
Yeah, he was always saying mean things like that.... XD
His quotes are amazing. :D
I have a coffee cup with him on it and a quote that says 
"A mans got to have a code, a creed to live by"

People in the kitchen jumped as Elisa excitedly screeched "Oooo! He can totally pull off pink!!"  

Wow,  how can anyone be so epic?
OOOOooooo!!!!!!! I want this book sooooo bad!!!!!!!!!

sigh........... I wish I had met him so bad. 

I don't like the eye patch very much. :P

This person should be...... SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is soooo not him.

I have drooled over thousands of John Wayne videos. :D
I love this movie soooo much, and this song is amazing, even though I *hate* Ricky Nelson in this. I don't know about hating him in everything else, I have not really seen much of him, but in this....
This video comes from Rio Bravo, one of my favorites of his:

I love Stumpy (he is the old one that says "This one is good!") ↑

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. ^_^

Someone commented on a video of him saying this, and I *totally* agree. Good for them! ↓

Today's group of wimpy, anti-American actors couldn't match this man even on his worst day...The Duke was, is, and always will be our greatest actor as well as a symbol of America's strength throughout the world. More young people today  should take some time to watch some of Duke's work- they might learn a thing or two. He did more for his country than most people know- and died wishing he'd done even more. That's a far cry from the Hollywood elitists of today.

Wow, I warned you it would be long! That is the second post I have done with him in it. :D
I had better go, for all of our sakes... :P
Elisa. :)


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