To do someday.

Spend all day on a very hot beach with all my friends.
Ride a horse bareback.
 Travel to someplace far and take about a thousand pictures.
Meet someone famous. Other than Leverage.
 Get a perfect tan. 
Get a telescope and spend all night looking at the stars.
 Have someone work to get something crossed of off my bucket list to surprise me. 
 Ride an elephant
Dance in the rain. :D 
 Get a camera 
Do an all nighter. 
 Have a Harry Potter marathon.
 See someone in concert
 Fly in a small airplane thing.. :P 
 Meet a friend that I only know on the internet.
 Shop ALL DAY with my friends. :D
 Touch a giraffe 
Sell a picture or something.
 Spend ALL day sitting around playing Xbox or games on the computer. No responsibilities or anything.
Eat as much candy as I can possibly hold. 
Actually get hired for a modeling job. :P
 Go on the perfect date. 
Have someone send me flowers. 
 Ride a Jet Ski *Check...about a thousand times*
 Go to Paris
Have frozen yogurt
 Go to a midnight showing of a movie
Cry because I am so happy
 Learn to hop-hop dance
 Be a bridesmaid
 See a friend of mine get famous.
 Get dipped while dancing  (even though I didn't do so well :P)
 Go to Disneyland
Hike for more than 8 miles 
 Go camping with a tent and fire 
 Own a skateboard 
Walk hand-in-hand with my guy on the beach
 Eat squid 
Stay with a different family for a week or more 
 Get streaks in my hair
 Have that perfect waltz
Have a wish on a shooting star come true
 Fill an entire journal
 Learn a different language fluently
 Hug a panda
Ride in a convertible
Own an old car
Hug a koala
Sleep on a trampoline.
Take a picture with my boy in one of those photobooth things
 Drink a real cherry coke
 Climb a mountain
 Design a yard 
 Go hiking with a pack with all my food and everything I need..Spend about a week just hiking and camping.
 Rent a Ferrari
 Get a cute little Valentines Bear
 Eat one of those huge rainbow lollipops
Go to Italy.
 Go on a road trip to California.
 Graffiti something.
 Go to a drive in movie.
 Have someone write a song for me.
 Learn how to tie a tie.
 Go on a cruise.
 Go camping with my guy.
See floating lanterns, and let go of one myself.
 Carry around a "Free Hugs" sign.
Be an aunt.
 Throw a dart at a map and go wherever it lands.
Run through a field of flowers.
Complete a legit scrapbook.
 Spend an entire day watching Disney movies.
Swim in the ocean.
 Set foot in all seven continents.
 Own a puppy of my very own.
See the northern lights.
 Ride first class on an airplane
 Write something in wet cement.
Go on a non budget shopping spree
Be able to walk well in heals.
Ride a horse on the beach.
Let go of over 10 balloons at once.
Eat pizza in Italy.
 Go on a midnight walk with my guy.
 Go into a cave.
Visit a castle.
 Have someone win me a giant stuffed animal.
Chase a tornado.
 Ride on a train.
 Be in two places at once.
Capture lightning in a picture
Carve my name into a tree.
 Dress up as a hobo asking people if they have pennies..If they say no, give them one.
Go to Universal Studios.
Go to Disneyworld.
 Walk along the great wall of China.
Go on a picnic date.
 Flatten coins on a train track.
 Witness a wedding proposal.
Go on a date to the zoo.
Own a nice camera.
Go on a road trip.

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  1. Trust me, riding a horse bareback hurts like the dickens. Their spines are really pointy!


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