Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This is my little friend. ^_^  I paint her nails a lot and she really likes that. :) One time I gave her a bottle if nail polish for her birthday, that made her happy. X)

Lindsey. :)
 I don't know why Noelle's hair looks green, kinda odd.....  

Joseph petting Hercule our little dog. :) Hercule just came to our house. He suddenly appeared! After a while of trying to find his real home, we just kept him. :) As much as he bothers me, I am glad we have him. :P  

I took this in our yard and like how the colors look. :) I also like how the bee stayed there long enough for me to snap it. :)

My younger sister actually took this one. it's of me wearing one of  my favorite hats and reading a book on Sgt. York. :)

I have been working on biology lately. :) (which I LOVE) It is so interesting! I have been working on a test,. :P Hard, but fun. :)
I really don't have very much to say.... 

You should really check this blog out. :) He does not update very often, but he is FUNNY! :D

And if you want a pretty pair of earrings, enter this giveaway!!!!! I love them! :)

I am going to go help my sister clean the kitchen so we can watch Harry Potter. :)
Bye! <3 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Church. :)

So we went to Church on Sunday... yup.... and I was on nursery for during the sermon. :) I love little kids and enjoy doing it. :)
 He was very pleased when I showed him his picture on the camera. :D He kept pointing to it and repeating his name. ^_^

I LOVE her outfit! And I adore her X) She is the cutest little baby! :)

We are renting a gym in a high school and all the kids can go down there and play:
                                                                        Dodge ball!

  Personally , I don't like dodge ball... so I watched the basketball game. :)              

For a while I sat on the bleachers with Kake  ( it's a nickname)and Lindsey. :) But then they went and played dodge ball after a little while. :)

Another nursery picture. :) 


We were having French fries with dinner and Joseph got silly.....

I like the way this rose turned out. :)

Forrest made me a 'splatter board' :D It's where he just paints a board, splatters some other color on and lets it dry! When it is done all of your friends sign it! :D

I went to a tea party last week. :) It was fun. The lighting was good for pictures and just about everyone had a camera with them ^_^

Juli, cuz' she is pretty. :)

She is doing the Harriette pose from Emma. :)

 A bee landed on a tea cup. :)

Suzy and the blue tea cup. :D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Portland... clothes...

So My Mom, older sister and I all went to Downtown Portland! I love it there. :) The different people, different clothes, colors, everything! :D I love Portland period. :) We went into the stores (What else would you do there? :D) And I found some AWESOME things. :D

First,                                                          Magpies. :D

How could you not try the sunglasses on? :D

I just thought these were the cutest thing! Not that I would ever wear one... :D

There was a dog on the counter and I thought he was really cute. :)

This was at The Buffalo Exchange:

I love the design on this t-shirt! It reminds me of Series Of Unfortunate Events. :) The Aunts house... what's her name...

Then who doesn't want a Snoopy t-shirt?

The Goodwill on 10th. :)

I love this jacket, and I don't generally like to wear pink. :)

This skirt is cute. If it had not been so big around the waist... I would have wanted it SO BAD! :D

This necklace is so cute. :D There was a blue one too. :)

Then of course, if you know me, I  had to look at the hats. I found this! Cuteness overload! :D :D :D

This owl shirt was just to much.... I LOVE IT!!!!

I love Zebras and thought this shirt was cute... :) As you can see, I think a lot of things are "just too cute!" :P

Then, of course, we had to get coffee. :) We had a hard time finding one because a lot of places were closing. :P Ten I was pleased with myself because I guessed correctly on the Radiohead song that was playing while we waited for our coffee. :D

That was all the stuff I could take a picture of, I ran out of memory. : / (Stupid camera) 
The bus was SO FULL!!!!!! There were also 2 wheelchairs that came on! I mean, I have been on a full bus, but never that full. :) The bus driver kept saying "Move on back!" Then, of course, my Mom sang the wheels of the bus song. :D 

On to other things. :)

We had a Possum stay with us for a few days. :0 He got named Enrique by my younger sister. He was pretty cute, and funny feeling when he hung by your finger by his tail. 
I love the possums feet in this one. :)

My Dad thought Irene's face was the funniest thing int he world. :'D

Forrest, enjoying a few snicker bars... 
That is all I have to post about for the moment... :) 
Bye! Toodle pip! Cheerio!  Elisa :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A bunch of old kinda pictures

Noelle. :D Right now she is carrying a tractor around the room saying "I'm a Mama! I'm a Mama!" :D

Me. :) I like this picture, I think it turned out really well. :)

Noelle again. :)

This is just a picture I took when I was going for a walk and liked. :)

The glass was shiny  and I couldn't resist. :)

Zeke on the slide. :) He was yelling "Hey! Hey! Take a picture of me!" I think he was slipping when I took it. :D

I love the way the saxophone looks in this picture. :D

Scott on the bobcat.

King of the hill!

Joseph got weird....

How cute! I only wish it was a better picture...

Joseph. :) Again... :D

I like this song, as long as it's been edited that is. :P Not much has happened around here...

I'm going to go to a Vintage dance soon! I hope I can wear something like this...

Poodle skirt!!!!!!! :D

I love the scarf and everything that you can wear with them :D

                                                          I love the saddle shoes too, I    
                                                              hope I can get a pair! :D

These are the type of glasses I can wear too. :) They are so cute! :D

I'm afraid I am getting quite dull... So I'll go before you all die of boredom. :)

Elisa :)