Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So on the sixth, I went to California with some super awesome people. :D My dad, sister and I woke up at the crack of dawn and trooped bleary eyed to find some coffee. After that we loaded up the van and drove to one of my best friend's house and met with some of the other people that were coming, loaded them up, dispersed into various cars, drove to the airport, got our bags checked, went through security and got more energy. (aka coffee)  By this time the group consists of, my bestie, his mom and dad, his brother and brother's wife, their three children, her mom and dad, his sister, her husband, his other sister, her husband, their two children..aaand...My sister and her boyfriend! :D Big group eh? ;) I love em :)

It was my second time to step out of the cool air conditioned airplane into the warm California air.. Then we got to the hotel and unpacked..The next day...The Disneyland time began :D It was so awesome!! :D I have been to Disneyland once before, but didn't get the complete feeling of it...It was Thanksgiving weekend, so the place was super full, I only went on like two or three rides, and barely got to see or go anywhere :P It was awesome getting to be there and all, but just not....Diiiiiiisney. This time was not like that at all :D It was amazing :D There were not a lot of people the entire time (I mean, there were a couple of days that were kind of full, but nothing that compared to the first time) :P Basically, it was the best week EVAR :D

The whole feeling of Disney was awesome :) Seeing some of my favorite childhood characters everywhere, the cuteness, the rides, the friends, the color, the feeling, the smell, the hidden Mickeys, the joy, the happy kids, (or happy teens in my case XD) everything. It.Was.Awesome. :D I got quite a few pins, and traded them around, got a "first visit!" pin and got the whooole disney feel :D

I finally reached 900 followers on instagram! ;) If you havent followed me, you should ^,^ I do follow back, and dont ghost follow :D 

Well, I feel like this post has gone for long enough...So I'll sign off now! :) 

Question of the Post!! :)

Have you ever been to Disneyland? If so, how was it?? :D

Thanks for reading! :)
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Love ya all!


  1. So, yeah, Disneyland is awesome! That was by far the greatest time I've ever had at Disney! Even the 5 days at disney just didn't quite seem long enough.. Oh well! ^.^ It was great, and I can't wait till next time I'm down there again! :P

  2. I haven't been to Disneyland, but I will be going to DisneyWorld for 1 whole week during thanksgiving. :D YAY!

  3. Five days in Disney was NOT enough! And we had such an amazing time! I can't wait to do another big trip with the "Clan"..next time we may just have to go to Disney World and stay a couple of weeks! Could you stand me that long?? LOL..but that is down the road a piece..but I am planning a week of camping next summer..would you like to come play?? I'm full of fun ideas..just hang around and you will see!

  4. Hi i am the guy of instagram daniel52ortega , never been at disneyland but disneyworld yes.


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