Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today I had two of my amazing friends over. :) :) :)
We went for a walk and  took pictures. :D It was fun

Hadley. <3 <3 <3

and Kerilynn. <3 <3 <3
Hadley took this one of Kerilynn and I. 
I look like I am afraid I may fall... :P
Hadley took these ones too. :D 

You can see a the bandage on my knee. <:D
Our converse. :D :D 
This post is pretty. :D I can say that because Hadley took most of the pictures. XD 
Some root beer went flat and nobody wanted it but me,
so I drank a quarter of a bottle of that and another half a bottle of this other soda... I can't remember the name of it. :P 

Mmmmm!!! I love root beer! :D :D
I am going to the store soon! Yay!
Elisa. :)


We have been doing a lot of decorating lately, for our Church's reformation day celebration. :D :D It has been really fun and I will be sad when we have to take it all down. :P We roll tape and then put it on a chair, that way we can just pull it off of a chair quickly without rolling it and sticking it to the picture of whatever. It takes a while to do, and after a while it makes your hand hurt. :P
Scott took his sword and petrolled the halls. :D

It was pretty cool. :D

Tape face on Scott's pants. ^_^
This is us decorating. :) 
Scott taping Jared's mouth shut. LOL

I have to say one thing... don't leave me alone with a pair of scissors. :P I knelt down and let a pair jab into my knee it proved to be most painful.... :P :P :P So my legs are all scraped and bandaged up right now. :D
Kinda funny in a sad stupid way... :)

Elisa. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Why is it that I can never think of interesting titles for my post? Well, I can't. :P 
Today was choir.... I am thinking about dropping out, but I dunno yet. There will be a musical that the choir will be doing, It is an all girls choir and I will be a prince.... Hmm.....
I helped set up for Sunday. Sunday being two awesome things, I am really happy about -^_^- One. Church and two... Reformation night! Yay! It is something that we celebrate instead of Halloween, we are celebrating the split of the Church, between the Catholics and us, Reformed. :)
I guess it l look funny trying to type, my hands go all over the keyboard. I have never learned to type well... It gets annoying, but I have learned to live with it. :P Just like I have learned to live with one of the most annoying habits in the world, biting my nails. Ahhh!!!!!!! I do it when I am nervous, bored, tired, happy... basically all the time. I have tried numerous times to stop, but I have never gotten myself to. :P I have done it for as long as I can remember. :P
I don't get how some people can have such an amazing way of putting thier words into good sentences. :P
How does she do it?!?!
Also an amazing blog. :)
Rose of Sharon makes me laugh ALL the time when I read her posts, they are soooo funny! :D :D :D
Got to go! 
Elisa. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hmmmm..... interesting....

So recently I went to a day of public school, I have never set foot in a school and it was surprisingly fun! I didn't do all the classes, just a few. :) I wish I could go there more often, but the answer was no after a lot of deep though done by my parents. :P Oh well... One of the things that i really wanted to do there was Biology, I LOVE doing biology and I could have used a microscope there and everything... that would have been awesome. :P

Okay... So my Grandma sent these little bags of candy and toys for Halloween, like she does every year and inside were....... Bubbles!!!! I love bubbles, they are so cute! :D Especially blowing them into the fan so they shoot back at you. :D She also put chocolate in. I always save all the chocolate I get and put them in a little box in my dresser to save for my depression days. :P So I have a little stash in there right now. :D
These are pencils, my older siblings couldn't tell what they were. :P

So,one on my amazing friends took these pictures of me on Sunday. :)

I hope she does not mind me putting them up. ^_^

I like the way the blue looks with the pink.
You can see all the band-aides on my knees. >.< 

Hadley is AWESOME. 

So..... ummm... yeah.... Soon it will be Halloween! Sad to say... I have no costume... I guess I'll just show up in jeans and a tee. :D 
Really?... I have nothing to call this post... it is random.... so I shall name it something quite random!
Hee hee hee....
I'm tired.

This is what I caught my little brother doing in my room...
And yes... he is wearing my dress, scarf and hat. :P :P :P
time for dinner! Bye!
Elisa. :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Random question tag

1. If you won a $1000 shopping spree, but could only shop at three stores, what stores would they be?
Aeropostale, Fuego, Romy

2. If you could change lives with one person for a day who would it be?
AnnaLise, it could be very interesting. :D

3.      If you could look like anyone in the world who would it be?
Taylor Swift. :D 

4.What is your most unrealistic fear?
Water.  yes... I know... weird...

5. If you had to perform an act on America’s Got Talent, what would you do?
Sing... I guess, I have nothing else I could do

6. What song best describes how you are feeling this moment?

7. What is your favorite make-up look?
The natural look

8. Who is your role model? 
Dolley Madison and Sundar Singh. 

My questions. ^_^

1. What is your favorite YouTube video ever?

2. If you had to get rid of all your movies but one, what would it be?

3. Do you like ruffles on yourself or a girl?

4. What is (or was) your favorite school subject?

5. What do you think of black nail polish?

6. If you got to do one super crazy thing with no consequences, what would it be?

I tag these awesome people:
(some may have to do it on buzz)


:) Thanks  Rebekah  for tagging me! :D

Friday, October 22, 2010

Talking To The Moon Lyrics By Bruno Mars

I love this song. He is amazing. ^_^ Just the way you are is my favorite of his, then grenade, but due to a certain part, my mom does not want me to listen to it. :P

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alice in Wonderland.

I love the Cheshire cat. :D He is so cute! :D

This is the one from the cartoon, but I like him so much I could not resist putting him on too. :) 

Cute!!!!!! I love his eyes. 
I love the new Alice in Wonderland, if you have not seen it, then you have to! :D

There is the Mad hatter, his hair is orange to show his madness from the lead in his hat, at least that is what I have heard. 
I love him, Johnny Depp did a good job. I love how he would dance. (I am not going to even try to spell that)

The Tweedles:

The white queen:
I want to dress up as her for a costume party. :D

The red queen:
I like her, she was odd. Now I look at pictures of her and think
"What is wrong with her head?! It's so small!"

The bandersnatch:
I am not sure if this is how to spell it's name. :P
He is the definition of awesome. I want to ride him. :D

The March Hare: 
And one of my favorites. :D :D
The whole cup and spoon thing is amazingly funny. :D 
He is so mad! 

And then; of course:

Alice. :)

I thought she was really pretty. ^_^

I want this shirt. ^_^
Elisa. :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pretty things. ^_^

I love flowers. They are so pretty. and they make me happy. ^_^

And fairies. I love fairies. ^_^ Mystical creatures are so amazing. :D 

Like Unicorns!

Or.... Centaurs! 
They are amazing. 
Lions are not mystical, but they seem to fit in the same category.
I'm afraid I am being quite random.... am I?

Noah, isn't he cute? ↑

This is him mowing the lawn with Forrest. :D
Bye! <3 
Elisa. :)

Pet Peeves.

I have the most random pet peeve. Microwaves. Who else finds it very annoying when a microwave gets left
open and the light is on?

 Or, When it has been left on a random number. Ahhhh!!!!!

Do you know anyone that has a funny pet peeve?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

More things that I love. :)

I can't really think of anything more to post about.... I guess I am not very creative. :P

12. Coke:

13. Kittens:

14.  My Friends

15. Zunes

16. Ice cream!
16. Dancing
18. Gibbs slapping people.

Alas. No picture to be found. :'(

19.  Pink Skateboards.

 20. Yellow. it adds life to the world. ^_^

21. John Wayne. I have liked him ever scene I was a little girl. :)

22. Posters. You can't see my wall it is so covered in them. ^_^

23. Marbles.

I have to go find my Dad a movie. :)
Bye! <3
Elisa. :)