Monday, November 29, 2010

Art. :)

What do you think of these?

 I drew it from my brain... as in not copying it. :P

Just practice and not the best I have ever done... :P
I kind of like the way it turned out though. :D

Joseph requested that I put his picture on my blog:
So here it is! 
He was very proud of his little painting. ^_^
Cute little guy. <3

Forrest has been drawing amazing Anime pictures, he is really good! Right now he is working on a picture of me, I am loving the way it has turned out so far! :D

Here is one he made, it is based off a David Grey song, Please forgive me
He mostly uses charcoal, it looks really cool. :D
 I love it! 

My Mom draws too, she is ah-mazing! :D

Told you she was awesome. :D
Elisa. :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :D We had my Grandma and Uncle over and just had a quiet dinner... wait... quiet?! It was not really quiet, but fun anyways. :)

 Before dinner some people went and talked in the living room.
My Dad looking very dignified as he made the turkey

Pretty candle! :D

My Dad cutting the turkey. ^_^


The older people's table, I didn't take a picture of the younger kid's table, you don't want to see it, half of their faces were covered in potatoes, and the rest in yams. Yelch.

My beautiful sister Shay. ^_^

 My Dad and Uncle got very full. They just kind of lay there and watched me take the picture. Sad to say, the lighting was terrible and all-in-all, the picture kind of looked weird.
Nice foot Papa...

We showed my Grandma Hello Dolly. The one done by KA that is, I love it! :D 
I have to say on more thing. 
Comments make me happy. 
even if they are thinks like
Yes! Mr. Darcy is epic. 

they make me happy. :)
Just sayin' 
There are some pretty funny commercials out there, like the Allstate mayhem ones. XD

or the Sprint ones,

There are many more really good ones, but I don't want to post anymore. :D
I ate four pieces of pie. It was yummy.
Elisa. :)

Monday, November 22, 2010


Who does not like LOL cats? Nobody. Because they are sooooo genius!
Well, maybe not genius, but they are awfully funny. :D

Wesley showed my sister, brother and I this, and ever sense I keep coming across it and laughing really hard. :D
Really, not much needs to be said about these, most of them speak for themselves.  
This is what I do when I get bored... :P
We have a fire going, I have coffee and now I can go relax. Yessssss. :D
Actually, to tell you the truth... I have no idea what to say! So... I shall go.
Elisa. :)

My progress in picture taking!!! :D

I just saw one of my first pictures, AWFUL! :D I love seeing my progress in things. :D
This was my first picture, to be taken on my green camera that is...

Or these ones. :P

This one is not so bad.... but still. :P

This was after about a month.

I really actually like the tree. 

I love the way the Sax. looks in this one. :D

AFTER.... Err... now... :P

I think I can say I have made progress! I know I am still not good (at all) but I definitely like my newer ones. :D 
Elisa. :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

25 secrets/facts about me.

So I was tagged in a taggy thing by Beka, so here goes!
1. I hate text language, other then things like lol, rofl, brb things like that, but using lot's in one sentence get's annoying. :P
2. Like Beka, I am always having 'addictions' like only eating the same thing a lot, listening to the same song... etc. :P
3. Tons of people always tell me I am really really funny, but I really really don't think I am.
4. I hate pancakes, waffles and french toast, I wouldn't touch it with a 39 and a half foot pole if someone paid me.
5. I love tags. :D
4. I love to draw, and on;y wish I were better. I am afraid this tag is not going to be very interesting, I don't really have very many secrets, and the ones I do have, I wont go spewing it all over blogger. :P
5. I love journal and could spend hours writing in mine.
6. I am very claustrophobic.
7. I LOVE JOHN WAYNE!!!!!! And I have a huge coffee cup with a picture of him and a quote on it. :D
8.I don't sleep very well unless I am listening to music. :D
9. I  can't live without lip gloss and crazy socks.
10. I love to climb trees, the bigger the better!
11. I love to be outside and kind of wish we lived in the country, then I can go walk a lot more without my mom worrying about me getting mugged. :P
12. I love the rain, I don't really like misty rain, the hard stuff is what I love. :D
13. I wear nothing but converse, unless it is my church shoes. :P
14. I love Mike and Ikes, marshmallows, fruity candy, ice cream, jello, whipped cream and anything that has sugar, unless it has peanut butter or licorice. yucky.
15. I hate it when people leave the volume on the tv at something like 29 or 59 anything with a nine.
16. Chocolate or strawberry ice cream is ah-mazing!
17. Bananas are NASTY.
18. I can't type, I am sooo slow. :P
19. I love babysitting, babies, anything to do with little kids. ^_^
20. I love these kinds of faces- 0.0 0.- :) :( :P XD XP  O.o etc.
21. I love to dance. Dancing in the rain is sooo fun!!!!!!!
23. I did guitar, piano, penny whistle, and a little chimes for a while. :P
24. I have tons of nail polish and used to wear it a lot, but I don't anymore, it just sits in a box in my room.
25. I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

I tag.
My awesome bro Forrest

I doubt anyone will do it.... :D
Elisa. :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter!!!!!!!!

I really, really, really want to see the new HP!

Ron is my favorite... by far. :D
They are so little and cute in that picture! 

 Tonks. :)
Sirius!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Then of course, there is Fred
 and George. :D

Awesome. Although, I can't watch the trailer for HP without thinking of this. :P This guy is sooo funny! Although, I do think he can get pretty annoying sometimes.  :P
Heeheehee. :D
Elisa. :)