Saturday, March 22, 2014

Young me is embarrassing. Yikes.

I just found my blog from the olden days. I was so happy. Why.

Things are pretty dang good. I graduated, and am figuring out what is going on with college and all that. (Going for child education, because kids are fun, and I love teaching) Only problem is getting a job first. Since I'm paying for everything, I need a job. (No duh.) I found my perfect job at Oil and Vinegar..But due to not enough hours and stuff, they sent me on my way after a couple of months. Since I didn't do half bad, I got a great  reference from there, so that's pretty great. I really enjoyed that job. I mean, talking to people about cooking all day, what gets any better than that? Finding a job when you are under 18 is harder than you would think.

Almost 2 1/2 years for my boyfriend and I. I think we're pretty great...

So yeah, I'm not even really sure why I'm posting this, except that it's 2am, I still have bad insomnia and am bored.

It's interesting how much people change. I guess while I had this blog I went through a phase where I liked girly stuff. Now..Not so much, and when I was a little kid..Not at all. I also had to google Tatooine, which I am deeply ashamed of. Because I love Star Wars now. I also used a lot of hearts and smiley faces... Also, chocolate..I liked that? I am not a massive fan of it anymore. Especially since it uses child labor.. Seriously horrible. Summer. I went through a phase where I liked that, I could have sworn I've always loved the rainy winters we have here in Oregon :P