About Me

Elisa Katherine aka...Elisa Kate...or most of the time Elisa :)
I'm not much of a romantic, or a talker..Or much of anything other than a..Me. Also, I suck at grammar, so please don't judge...
I'm 16. 
I like puddles, trees, rain, books, photography, and Doctor Who, and other various tv shows. I watch too much tv.
I love taking pictures...
I love to dance so crazy much and have learned West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, The Hustle, Nightclub 2-step, Waltz, some of the Jive, and a lot of Contra dancing  Someday I'll take hip-hop dance lessons.
Here is my challenge for you:
Give me a random fact, or random question that you want in the comment section! :) even though I doubt anyone is reading this..I like facts.
You can contact me with any questions you may have at:
Thanks for reading my blog


  1. A Couple of questions:
    .What is your favorite color?
    .Favorite subject in school?
    .What do you want to do when you "grow up??"
    .What is your favorite thing to do inside on a rainy day?
    .What is your reason for blogging?

    Follow me at my blog, hisdyingbreathhasbroughtmelife.blogspot.com

    Thanks for writing~ Hannah

    ~Proverbs 3:5-6~

  2. RANDOM FACT: saying the word "cat" 5x in a row in Hungary is considered a terrible crime. :b

    you can email me at kylieeatsdinosaurs@gmail.com
    orrr my blog is exceeding-the-norm.blogspot.com

    -Mara! :D

  3. Ok, so I actually have a couple of questions for you...^.^ Come to think of it...its more of an interview =)

    1) What do you look for in a guy?
    2) What is your favorite clothes brand?
    3) Coke or Pepsi?
    4) What's your favorite animal?
    5) What is your favorite chat face?
    6) What's your favorite music genre?
    7) What's your favorite day of the week?
    8) Why do you love photography?
    9) Which do you like better on yourself? Curly or straight hair?
    10) Gloves or mittens?
    11) Dolls or stuffed animals?
    12) When it comes to perfume scents, would you be more likely to chose a scent like brown sugar, blackberry, wild flowers or a scent that didn't have a particular name (example, "singing breeze")?
    13) Are you a morning person,or a night owl?
    14) Fruit or Vegetables?
    15) Summer,spring,winter or fall?
    16) What is your favorite boys name? Girls?
    17) What are your favorite books?
    18) What are your favorite movies?
    19) What is your favorite thing to do when you can't sleep?
    20) Can you role your R's? Whistle? Do the taco tongue?
    21) Do you sleep on your back,your side, or your stomach?
    22) What are some of your favorite things to do on a rainy day?
    23) What is something you like to do, but don't do very often?
    24) What is something you like to do, and do it all the time?

    That's all I got! =) (for now..) ;) Hope you have fun answering them! =) Can't wait to see your answers girl! Have a great day!!


  4. So, do you play an instrument?
    What's your fav kind of food?
    What's your favourite place to go?
    What's the best holiday you've ever been on?
    Do you think a christian girl should strive to dress modestly, while not making it her 'idol'?
    Thanks, this was great idea.


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