Monday, August 20, 2012

instagram!! Also...Starting up again?:)

TSo, last night I was sitting on my bed poking around on my touchpad when I randomly remembered my old blog...So I checked it..and reading all the comments on my other posts inspired me to start this up again :)
I know its been a while since I last posted...haha :P

My summer has been pretty busy, I've been spending time with friends, doing school, or other things like that!

One thing that Ive been having quite a bit of fun with is Instagram ;) You should totally add me on it! (My name is elisa_kate) I've been working to my 700 followers goal, and am at around 670 at the moment :P Hopefully ill be at 850 by the end of summer! ;D If you could help me get to my goal, I would be most happy ^,^ (I follow back too!) Ive had it for quite a few weeks, but didn't actually use it much because I didn't have a phone camera :P But Wesley gave me his old phone (that i only use wifi) and I use that :D Its only got about 5MP, and its not an incredible camera..But I'm still over joyed that I have one :D :D You should follow me!! :) I don't ghost follow, and always give out likes and follows :D Sooo...Waddya say? ;D ;D

How's your summer been?:D

But...Ill try and post sometime soon! Until then, ttfn!!!
<3 <3 <3
Love ya!!


  1. Glad to see you've decided to return to the blogging world. But you need to stay longer!!

    My summer has been good....probably the worst summer of all time....but time will tell. It's just been tough. I have incredible that helps. But things will hopefully improve.

    KEEP posting!

  2. @DJ: haha XD Ill try! :)

    Im sorry :( You know Im here for you though! :)

    Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Daniel52ortega , write to my email


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