Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pulp Mills and other things :)

Well, its that time again! The time that I *finally* post, and thank you all profusely for not un-following my blog ;) :P And yes, Im still alive :P
Life has been pretty good lately, there have been their up-sides, and their down-sides, but all in all...Life is good :)
The weather was warmer the other day, and I was  finally able to wear my shorts, t-shirts and sunglasses! But...It didn't last :( I got a little bit of a burn, and even looked a tiny bit darker (I tan fast..and loose the tan even faster..) I was happy for that little bit of sunshine though! :D
(this is what my backyard looks like...) ;) :P

My bro and I did walk down to the old pulp mill a little from our house, and I found some pretty legit places for pictures :D Here's a few that I got down there: Tell me what you think! :)
I don't normally edit my pictures..So, they're not very good..haha :P
Train tracks
This is some of the pulp mill
A moving train..It was sooo loud :P
Pulp Mill

(taken by my bro) Thats me!! XD
Proof that I was near a moving train..haha :P Ignore the horrible pic of me though..Just look at the purty..Train!! 
Forrest :D 

So there you have it! :) I really have been wanting to pick my camera up more :D

Lately, I have been having nightmares every night...Theyre horrible and I wake up half crying and trying to figure out if it were a dream or not..They kind of are having me not want to sleep.. They're so realistic!

I got to serve for two nights at an event at my church :D It was a play that a bunch of boys from the school that's in the church were in :) They did awesome! I didn't actually get to see much of it at all... ( I was kind of busy clearing plates, dishing food, carrying food, washing dishes and filling water pitchers..haha) :P But it was really actually pretty fun! :D My feet kind of hurt by the end of the evening..And the kitchen was like a massive oven..But it was fun :) 

Question of the post!!!

(that sometimes has something to do with the post..and sometime doesn't..)

If you could do one thing right now, what would it be?

Comment with your answer! ;D 

<3 <3 <3
and, something amazing for you....<3


  1. Well.. Seems I'm first to comment :P But, I'll just say... Good post! Sorry to hear about all the nightmares! (Have less of those k? :) ) And... If I could do anything... It would go and hangout with my best friend :) one of those days where I just want to hang out with them ya know? :)

  2. Heyy! Like this post! =) I wish I could see those pictures that you posted...But they don't seem to be working..Get on that!!! =P =)

    If I could do one thing...I would want to go hang out with my boyfriend. We could like, curl up and watch a movie or something! That would be fun! =D But he's in Cali right =P So he and I can do that in two and a half weeks!!!;)

    Cute post! You should do more of them :P
    ~Keelie Dawn

  3. great post! i just wanted to comment informing you that my old blog that you followed has been moved to a new blog,, and since i can't move all the followers to the new blog, i was wondering if you could think about following the new one. thanks so much!


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