Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bucket list and singers :D

I yet again have been able to cross something off my bucket list! :D Last week..I got permanent bright pink streaks in my hair! :D You cant really see them too well in this lighting..But Ill post another one that you can see it better in in a minute ;) But..What do you think? :D 
51) Get streaks in my hair

My hair is a little messy in this one, I parted it to the side more than usual so that the streaks would show up better :P

So there you have it! :D

Not much has been going on lately...Well, I mean, other than school and hanging out with friends :) I love my friends XD
This is my little sister, she and her brothers created this outfit for her..And she ran around for part of the day yelling "Im a ninja! And an assassin...GET IN JAIL!" lol :)
(Just a picture I took in Portland)
I have been very dedicated in watching one of my favorite shows right now...The Voice. I love it XD I love so many people that have been on it... And some of them I don't like quite so much :P I am also pretty proud of my friend who went and auditioned..But didn't make it. I'm sure he did awesome :) 
I'm pretty sure that my favorite is Jamar Rogers. I absolutely love him XD

Him and RaeLynn. :) Ok..Well...Maybe I have a lot of favorites XD

Jermaine Paul
Jermaine Paul....So cool.
Mathai :D
Mathai :D
There are a couple others that I love..But Ill save you from the many pictures I could post ;) But they definitely have their place on my "People I Love" board on Pinterest ;)
But, I have things to do :P I will be going down to the abandoned pulp mill down the street to take some pictures..hehe :P 

Question of the post! :D

What is your favorite kind of music?

Have a great day everyone! :D
<3 <3 <3


  1. I don't have a favorite kind of changes from year to year. At the moment it's not a's Blue October (which are basically in a genre of their own).

    Dubstep is currently my favorite. ;)

    btw, you look really beautiful in those self-portraits! :)

  2. Pink is a great color for you! Some time I gotta get something silver in my hair.

    Noel as a ninja assasin cop? Absolutely terrifying. Must not get on her bad side!

  3. Good post! I really like the pictures! :D

    And... To answer the question... My favorite kind of music would have to be either Indie rock or Hard rock :D

  4. I like almost all kinds of music - EXCEPT screamo and heavy metal :P

    Dearie, you look absolutely adorable ;) Love your new hair look!!

    Love YOU! :)


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