Monday, January 16, 2012

What life has been like....Or something along the lines of that :P

Im sorry I have not posted in a while...I shall make it up to you by putting in many pictures of cute things, and making this post unusually interesting ;) 
How can you resist the adorableness?!?!
I cant. 
Hedgehog! OMG.

I had an amazing Christmas and was able to cross a few things off my wish list!!
I got he most adorable stuffed hedgehog (his name is Hayden)
The God's Not Dead cd
A Totoro poster- Wes
A snow globe that is majorly sparkly and pink and says "Live Love Laugh" inside, Bath and Body works stuff-Shay
Cute socks ;)-A couple people XD
A Cupcake blanket-My grandma
A Jack Skelington Bracelet -Caleb
A Hollister Shirt (plaid!!!!!!!!)-Forrest
A metal poster type of thing of John Wayne-Irene and Maddie
Lip gloss and a ring-Kake
An adorable giraffe necklace-Lindsey
Lip Stick-Fiona
A Pen and candy (all the way from Canadaaa! haha)- Julia
A Notebook-Lauren

Im totally sure I've missed something..:P Sorry about that..:P 

Life has been pretty good lately :D Its snowing outside, I have friends that mean everything to me, I have bubblegum, God, my amazing crazy family, and everything I could ever ask for :) :) 
I know I promised an interesting email..Sorry 'bout that :P
I got to go the NCFCA tournament earlier this month, which was totally awesome :D I got to talk to friends that I have not seen since April, so that was pretty awesome :) I think my facebook friends list went up about 15 people x) I love people..and hugs. I love how everyone hugs there..hahahahaha XD :D
I have not been keeping up on my photography. Yes. I fail. :P I'm gonna do that more now! :) 
I also got to go to an epic dance that Raquel and Anna put on! That was fun! :D 
New Years ROCKED!!! I got to go over and hang out with one of my friends! :D I played Rockband for the first time and totally sang for like..hours..Im just glad that they couldn't hear me..;) It was pretty awesome :D I got home so late and like, dropped on my bed..haha XD And..The next day was Sunday..I gotta say..Its hard to get up early when you stayed up till around! XD :D :) It was awesome :)
More cute! Cute always=interesting!! :D

Ok..I'm done :P :)

Hey! You know that comments always make me happy?? :D So even if you cant think of anything to say, just say "haha!" or "lol" or...I dunno..Anything! :) 
Thanks for reading!! :D 

And now..
Question of the post!!!
(that may or may not have something to even do with the post..)

What is your favorite animal?? :D 

I dont really know..I love hedgehogs..and then giraffes...they are both my favorites XD :) :D
So, thanks for reading again!! :)
<3 <3 <3
I was told that someone would come to my house...Pull me out and murder me if I didnt post...So..Yeah..Thanks Hannah..haha! Now I'm scared ;D :) <3


  1. I love hedgehogs too! They're just so cute. Although, my mom has told me that in England they're really dumb and covered in lice. Which totally grosses me out. So I hope I didn't just ruin your love for hedgehogs... ;) but really a pet hedgehog would just be so awesome!

  2. Figured I'd answer the question! ^.^ I've realized I don't really love any animal.. But the closest would have to be a dog of some sort. I wouldn't want something small enough that I would step on it, but I don't want something that looks like it'll eat me :P

  3. The honey badger! ;D

  4. Awesome post! ;D Well, my favourite animal USED to be a rabbit, but that kind of... changed over the years. xD I reeeeaaallly like dolphins, and cats, and hedgehogs are cute too. ;)

  5. Giraffes have always been my favorite xD and platypi!

  6. @Sara: Aww! Thats so gross! haha! I still love them though ;)

    @Wes: Yoouuuur craaaaaaaaaazy! XD :D I guess I understand what you mean :P :)

    @Daniel: hahahahaha! Of course XD :)

    @Julia: Awww! Dolphins, cats and hedgehogs are all so cute!! haha! :D Love you!! :)

    @Mara: Yay for giraffe lovers! I <3 them too! Have my whole life ;) I miiight have a few dolls..and a poster..haha :D

    Thanks for the comments!! :)
    ::hugs:: <3 You all! :D


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