Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas list and other..Ramblings :P:P

Today has been a productive lazy day!! I did some of my school, cleaned the house and babysat...All in my pajamas ^-^ I love lazy days :) I like to stay in my pajamas and then run screaming madly into my room every time someone unexpectedly shows up at our house. Then come out very calmly in normal clothes. Thats how I roll. Sometimes :P Usually imma normal person and wear normal day clothes :P
I drew these on my touchpad :D
hehe..Well, i got both of these pictures of the internet (duh...derp ah derp) and then i added the monster, the crazy girl (me after math for the day) the papers and the book..oh, and the words :P its fun..I tend to sit for a long time talking to people and drawing on it XD 
hehe...I couldnt resist... 
 Yes. This is seriously me. Hair and all.

well, now that we are done with that!! Forrest saw the drawings I did (the ones above :P ) and told me that i should post them and do one every week! So! Every Friday imma start posting one of my freaky drawings..Unless i just cant...Which im sure will happen :P:P:P Deal? DEAL! If you dont like them..Just dont check my blog on a Friday ;) 
Also, Imma do my wishlist now :D 

I've kinda been thinking about doing this ever sense I saw Daniel's. :) Just to give you a peak into what I seriously think about wanting when someone says "Christmas" and my selfish little me says "oooo! You wanna know what I want?!" actually....not to sound all goodie goodie (icky icky) I kind of like giving my friends presents better than getting them...I love seeing them use the gifts I give them, or when they really like what I got them and they get all happy.....*sigh* I love Christmas :D <3 
so for Christmas I want…

1) Makeup.
Hey! I never claimed to not like it ;) I really like doing makeup and never pass up a chance to practice in myself and my little sister :) I have some, but its super super super cheap and not very good :P I like it though :) Enough about that though, I'm sure ya'll aren't interested in makeup!!

2) Anything with Totoro.....hehehe
3) Anything with GIR :)
I'm afraid I don't have very interesting Christmas lists...:( *I go cwy now*
4) The new Newsboys cd!!!!  Or any Newsboys cd at that....XD
Can I see some spazzin'???
5) posters, I love posters...
6) A letterman jacket. ohh...they are soo cute... LEMME HEAR AN AMEN!!!
This is not the exact jacket that I want..The one I want is red and white ^_^

7) A lifeguard sweatshirt :D
8) I know I am pathetic. Dont rub it in :(
9) A santa hat. I know I look stupid in them..But i want one anyways ^-^
Yes. I want a santa hat. 

But last but not least. I want..
10) I WANNA HEDGEHOG!!!!!!!!!!!
That is all I have to say. ^-^
<3 <3 <3


  1. haha, i totally do that pajama thing! "someone's here?! crap!" *dash to my room, throw on some jeans, and stroll out all casual*

    love your pics, especially the first one... and oh, yeah. GIR is the cutest♥♥♥

  2. Awwww!!!! I LOVE hedgehogs!! ^_^ I want one too!! They're so adorable.

    I totally do that pajama thing too. XD


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