Thursday, January 19, 2012

My besties and I in the world of 2012:)

I've been thinking back about how much has changed for me this last year, there have been some really hard days, and some of the best days of my life. There have been tears, and like..stomach hurting laughter. Some of the changes have been for the better..and some I think I could've done without..But without me really realizing it,have probably been really good for me. 
There have been friends that I have gotten to be closer to than I could have ever expected..and there are friends I have lost. There are new people I have met, and people that have been there for me for years.
 I love you all!! 
My friends are the best people in the world. They make me scream, laugh, cry, worry, dance and go absolutely crazy :) I dont know what life would be like without them :D I remember when I didn't have any friends..But now I have more friends then I could have ever imagined! And I love every single one of them!! :)  They make me feel so loved, and so happy :) :D <3 

And who are these amazing friends you may ask?! (or maybe you're not..I'll tell you anyways) ;)

 AnnaLise :)
AnnaLise and Caleb..The three amigos!!! :D 
 Caleb and Noah lookin' too cool!

(model pose!!) ;D
 My amazing grandma. <3
Shay and Benny. 
 I cannot tell you how much I love this picture...Every time I see it my brain is like "OH MY GOSH! I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!!!!!!" They look dorky...Dorky=Adorable. I'm just sayin' x)

Daniel, Wes and Caleb

 Kake <3
Hannah, Chase and AnnaLise
Owen, Zeke, Joseph and Noelle :)

Benny and Daniel
AndraLea and Michaela. Two BEAUTIFUL girls :D :D
Noelle, Joseph, Zeke, Noah and Owen..My little siblings that drive me up the wall..and..I dont think i could live without them :) 
Julia and Tanaya
I got to meet these two beautiful girls for the first time this year :) I have known Julia over the internet and was extremely happy to finally meet her in person after thousands of long emails about Doctor Who, family, friends and various other subjects:) Love ya girls!! :)
(Photo by Miwaza
Forrest, Will, Caleb, Daniel and Wes
(photo by Raquel)
Irene and AnnaLise

I know that 2012 (that still sounds weird to me..) will have its good and bad times, but I have a really good feeling about it anyways:) I've got my amazing friends that are always there for me :)
So, Hello 2012! I know I should have said that on here about 17 days ago, but I was too busy saying goodbye to 2011 ;) 
I got to cross a lot of things of my bucket list, and I'm happy I got to do those new things :) From going to California for the first time to having frozen yogurt for the first time this year has been great :) 
My mom and dad have been the best, and the rest of my family have been here for me so much, from sitting with me and helping me through algebra to threatening to punch various guys.... My family is epic ;)
(Photo by Hadley)
My big bro Forrest :D 
Fiona, my little sister :)
My big sister Shay, and Benny:) 

(Pictures of Irene, Owen, Noah, Zeke, Joseph and Noelle are mixed in)
So thank you all for making my life wonderful :) :) <3

I'm gonna be really busy with various things this year! We are working on getting me to go to Debate Camp at Patrick Henry Collage in June! Ohmygosh. Me..In Virginia. All alone?! It'll be a whole new experience that will be both thrilling and exciting! :D That, and the fact that I am most likely going to Salem in April for Teen Pact (its on my 16th birthday!) I am also going to be doing some book club my mom told me about, and various classes that I am going to be taking for High School Credits. :) 
I am currently working at my school to get my grades up so I can possibly try and get into Patrick Henry (Oi! Its a great collage..and super tough to get into, so don't judge if I don't make it) If I do make it, I will be working on Debate, Journalism and possibly a couple of other things. 
Well, I've got things to do!


Question of  the post!!

(that sometimes has something to do with the post..and sometimes doesn't..)

Coffee or Tea?? 
I like Coffee better..Especially when it comes to Starbucks..Mmmmm... Occasionally I like to drink tea, but I have only found like, two flavors that I actually like :P


  1. Cute post! =D it really made me thankful for my friends =') You have really cool, great looking friends, and ur pretty=) I just thought I might throw that in :)
    Your sister, Shay is so beautiful!!! And your family sounds funny..Punching various guys...sounds like my big bro!! lol!

    I like your blog, it makes me happy xD
    Have a great day, and an even better 2012!!!=)

  2. Good post! I'd have to say Coffee! XD With all that extra stuff in it of course! XD :D

  3. Yay you posted!! Now I don't have to show up at your house in the middle of the night with a hatchet. :P I might anyway you know. So watch out....

    I love all the pictures! What would this world be without friends anyway!?!?!


  4. Super sweet! I love all my friends too!! They're so awesome in every way!! And definitely coffee, I like tea but coffee beats all :)
    With Love. M

  5. Oh man, I must say that tea is my life. ^.^ haha, not really. But tea is absolutely fantastic! :D and I couldn't help but notice you're a DOCTOR WHO FAN. Dude. <3 That show is absolutely fantastic. :D

  6. Aw!! I made it onto this post!! ::squeals:: :)
    Love all the pics! <3 Love YOU!

  7. Photos of me! Ahhhhh! I'm FAMOUS! Huzzah! :D

    I drink coffee like I breath air - all the time. Jk, I only drink it occasionally. ;)

  8. Love this post. Sounds like you have friends that are as wonderful as mine. Mine are the best! :D
    I will go with tea. I DON'T like coffee at all. (Most people think that there is something wrong with me because of that.) haha
    Great post.


  9. @Keelie: Aww!! Thanks girl! Your comment really made me happy :) And I think my sister is pretty too :)

    @Wes: Haha! Uuuuf course, with all your sugar and stuffs you dilute your coffee with? ;) :D

    @Hannah: Yikes! O.O You be scary girl! Good thing I love you so much ;D

    @Monica: Same here! Tea is eh, coffee=OH YAY!!! haha XD :D Thanks for commenting! :) <3

    @Mara: :D Yes. I am a Doctor Who fan...;) a big one..haha :D

    @Raquel: Yup! You did make it :) And thanks!

    @Daniel: haha! You are famous dude! ;D lol! Thanks for the comment! Made me laugh :)

    @Laurel: Thanks! haha! You wanna bet? ;) :D Aww? You dont like coffee? There is nothing *wrong* with you..Youre just crazy ;D <3 Thanks! :)

    Thanks for the comments!! :D
    <3 you all! :D


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