Monday, January 23, 2012

Life is pretty great:)

This post made me happy...Happiness. Actually, that's just a great blog in general and you should check it out ;) 

I'm really not sure what to say here..But thanks for the comments on my last post..It really made me happy :')
I found out a few things the other day..
1) As much as I hate crying..It really does help..
2) Good friends are really great things
3) I love this little girl so much. and she is an amazing cuddler..When she wants to be..:P
4) I miss California.
 And the Beach

5) Fruit Coctail straight out of the can is something great.
7) I want chocolate

So maybe life isn't all cupcakes and happiness?? But that's life..Riiight? :) It makes things like glitter, chocolate, fruit cocktail, hugs and friends even more amazing :) 

I watched V for Vendetta, The Book Of Eli and Zombieland all recently. There were times in the last two that I covered my face...Zombie Clown? Nuff said. 
Well, I had better go now..I've got things to do! (School work and making the house and babysitting..)
I love this song...
<3 :)
I miss having speakers and want to play music right now...
Bye!! :D 
Love you all!! :D
<3 <3 <3

Question of the post!!

(that sometimes has something to do with the post, and sometimes doesn't..)

What is your favorite thing to do when you are feeling down?

There are quite a few things I like to do..But my favorite thing is to eat a lot, talk to friends and read Calvin and Hobbes while listening to music...It helps :) 
Whats youuur answer? ;)


  1. love fruit cocktail straight out of the can. and that pic of the kttens was too cute! I need one of puppies♥


  2. Wow, I have not been on here in waaaaaay too long!! I love this post. =) And that song!! And Scotty. And the pictures. And the chocolate. ;) And I turn up my I-pod really loud and jog when I'm feeling down... or just lay in bed and cry and feel sorry for myself. Yeah.. lol

  3. I agree...sometimes crying DOES help.

    Friends are out-of-this-world-amazing!!

    LOVE FRUIT COCKTAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!

    Chocolate is one of God's blessings on this earth. <3

    And love that song by Scotty ;)

  4. I listen to sad music...REALLY LOUD. Then I'm alllll better. Actually, talking to friends about it usually heals things in a snap.

    Good post! You're starting to post more often, huzzah!

  5. Crying is refreshing. I try to tell my guy friends this, but only girls get it. To the question: I have it out on the piano with some very depressing songs and eventually the melody shifts to happy songs, or talk to my sisters or Mom or girl friends. Thanks for the post! It's so true, in every way.

  6. @Jessica: It is cute! haha XD I love it :) And yeah, one with puppies would need to be posted ;) I'll call you up if I find one ;)

    @Hannah: Thanks :D Yeah...Feeling sorry for myself tends to be up in there too :P As well as reading or watching Winnie the Pooh..haha

    @Raquel: I agree! :)

    @Daniel: Yeah, sad music really loud helps too :) And yup! I am, so you should keep on commentin' ;) haha :D

    @AndraLea: Yes! I dont mind it when dudes admit they cry..Some of them think it is a weakness.. But I dont mind it when they do cry..:P (i dont like crying cuz i feel weak..:P..) If I played piano..My songs miiight be really sad when i'm depressed too :P

    Thanks all for the comments! They really make me happy :D :D <3 <3 <3!!!!!

  7. love your blog!! (:

    and yes.. everyone needs a goood cry, now & then!

  8. Thanks! :) :)

    and yeah! Crying is the best therapy ;) :D


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