Wednesday, November 9, 2011

:) Kind of a bucket list post...^-^

Hello peoples!!! :D I'm really excited about the next few weeks....:) On Friday I am going to go to my very first concert with a my bro, Wes,his bro and maybe someone else? Not sure :P I'm super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I get to cross something off my bucket list! "15) Go see someone in concert" On my gosh!!
Then on Saturday I get to cross something more off my bucket list!!! :D :D
"17) Meet a friend that I only know on the internet."
I get to meet my friend, Julia!!! She is coming from Canada to go to a wedding of two amazing people. :) Awesome couple? I think......YES. :) They are super adorable :D you can find lots of pictures of them ,here, taken by the amazing Polka Dot :) I'm so excited to meet you girl! :) Expect me to scream your name
and and run at you, then...I may hug you real tight. I wuvs hugs ^-^ I tend to do that to people....They make me happy ^-^
Okay...I'm kind of typing this post out when I am tired....don't judge... :P things might get weird..or might just stop making sense entirely.. :P There may be tons of typos as well because I am kind of typing this up on my touchpad and I stink at typing on this thing >.< (btw, his name is Alucio, thought of by my dear friend, Raquel :) <3)
As you already know, I am going to California on the 17th! I'm still pretty pumped...if anyone mentions Cali I kind of start hyperventilating and dying :) I'm just sayin' :D Irene is pretty excited too :) We are both going to Disneyland…That doesn't even seem real O.O
My dad is going to Alaska soon! Pretty awesome, I've always wanted to go to Alaska…………… and someday I will! :) (visit. NOT live!!) I made him promise to take thousands of pictures for me..:) He'd better…
I mentioned two things are getting crossed off by bucket list, so I might as well add the entire list here…riight? Right!
Reading Daniel's post kind of re-kindled my love for Bucket ( You should really check out his blog. Its super awesome and never fails to make me laugh :) the author is a pretty cool dude in person too :)
Anyways, here's my bucket list :)
1) Fall in love and get married. :D
2)Spend all day on a very hot beach with all my friends.
3) Ride a horse bareback.
4) Travel to someplace far and take about a thousand pictures.
5) Meet someone famous. (Other than Leverage. ;) They were epic. lol)
6) Get a perfect tan. LOL ;D
7) Reach 100 followers on my blog (and/or get 20 comments on one post)
8) Get a telescope and spend all night looking at the stars.
9) Have someone work to get something crossed of off my bucket list to surprise me. :D lol
10) Ride an elephant
11) Dance in the rain. :D *check!
12) Get a camera *check!
13) Do an all nighter. *check!
14) Have a Harry Potter marathon.
15) See someone in concert
16) Fly in a small airplane thing.. :P *check!
17) Meet a friend that I only know on the internet.
18) Shop ALL DAY with my friends. :D
20) Swim with dolphins ::dreamy face::
21) Touch a giraffe *check!
22) Sell a picture or something.
23) Spend ALL day sitting around playing Xbox or games on the computer. lolz
24) Eat as much candy as I can possibly hold. (That would take a lot...) ^-^
25) Actually get hired for a modeling job. :P
26) Go on the perfect date. :)
27) Have someone send me flowers. :) lol
28) Ride a Jet Ski *Check...about a thousand times*
29) Go to Paris
30) Have frozen yogurt
31) Go to a midnight showing of a movie
32) Cry because I am so happy
33) Learn to hop-hop dance
34) Kiss my guy in front of the Effiel Tower
35) Be a bridesmaid
36) Throw a bottle with a letter inside into the ocean
37) See a friend of mine get famous.
38) Paint every single one of her nails a different color *check!
39) Get dipped while dancing *check! (even though I didn't do so well :P)
40) Go to Disneyland
41) Dance in the rain with my guy
42) Run a mile *check
43) Hike for more than 8 miles *check
44) Go camping with a tent and fire *check
45) Own a skateboard *check
46) Walk hand-in-hand with my guy on the beach
47) Eat squid *check
48) Stay with a different family for a week or more *check
50) Do over 10 pushups
51) Get streaks in my hair
52) Pierce my ears
53) Have that perfect waltz
54) Have a wish on a shooting star come true
55) Actually be able to say "Hello!" to a Russian person *in* Russian *check
56) Fill an entire journal *check!
57) Learn a different language fluently
58) Be able to use the word "discombobulate" in a normal conversation. *check!
59) Be able to say "Yes!" when someone asks if I have a, always something I thought would be so fulfilling to do..haha :)
60) Hug a panda!
61) Ride in a convertible
62) Own an old car
63) Hug a koala
64) Sleep on a trampoline.
65) Have someone call me a "whovian" *check!
I know…I don't have a very interesting bucket list.... I need to work on that……:\ but there you have it! That is my bucket list :) in case you couldn't tell there are not really deep things on there (go to collage and get a good education, learn to not hate math with such a vengeance, things like that...) Just fun stuff for this one :)
Sorry this is not a very interesting post…Lately my blog has been kind of boring, should I even keep going with it? Do people even read this stuff? Its basically me rambling on about nothing…:P
Question time!!
What is the longest you have been away from home? Why?
Love you all! Thanks for reading my whatchamacallit bloggy thing! :)


  1. I think it was 3 weeks? Well, 2 weeks, followed by one night at home then gone for another week. :P But.... Good post! And yes, People do read your blog :P

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  3. Elisa, I love reading your random posts! Your bucket list is creative and fun!

    You haven't had frozen yogurt? There's a great yogurt place in Portland near IKEA and the airport, we'll have to go sometime.

    Longest I've been away from home was two and a half weeks (in Cambodia this past summer). It was incredible, but I missed home.

    By the way, good work with your new blog look and tittle. It's not at all discombobulating. :D

  4. Great list! The longest I have been away from home was for one month when I went ot Italy. Even though it was an amazing trip, I still got homesick.

  5. I think the longest I've been from home was only 2 and a half weeks, maybe. I can't remember since I was younger at the time.

  6. Just so you know.... IT WAS SO AWESOME TO MEET YOU!!! I feel so honoured to be your friend. ^_^ <3
    And the longest I've been away from home was for three weeks. In Poland. But I've already told you that. :P :D

  7. @Wes: Really. Niice! And thanks :)
    @AndraLea: Aww! Thanks girl! And nope :P Never had it :P we totally should go sometime ;) Wow! That's awesome! I heard it was pretty cool :D
    @Luckyannette: whoa! That's epic!!!!! Italy! I'm jealous ;)
    @Daniel: that's pretty long too! Thanks for the comment! :)
    @Julia: I was sooo happy to meet you too!!!! Oh my goodness I was sooo excited :D I'm the honoured one! You are awesome! :)
    Yeah, that looked sooooo awesome :D

    Thanks for the comments you guys!!! They always make me soo happy :) you rock!!!!! <3


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