Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Californiiiiaaa! :D

So...Im home!! :D I actually got home last night. :) It was really fun, but I am super happy to be home to my amazing friends..who I seriously missed :D
I took a total of 532 pictures...But dont worry, i wont make you look through them all :P :)
Irene :)
 This was taken out the window of the plane :P
 John Wayne airport? I THINK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Of course I had to hug a palm tree. :) :)
 First time to In 'n Out!!! :D They were ok...But...I didnt like their fries...Im a biiig french fry fan..and they were icky :P :P :P
 Proof that i was actually there...haha :P
 the beach was warm! It was sooo awesome :D I spent a lot of time was really fun :D
 Irene, my cute little sister :D Who...Is 14 O.o
 The beach!! :D The sky was sooo blue! :D
 More palm trees! (there were a lot of those) :P
 Irene and I at Disneyland!!! :D :D I kinda love Disney movies and loved being there...I loved all the princess' and tiggers there...haha! I have no clue why...But I kind of fell in love with this bracelet there...It was pink and had a princess dress, a charm that said princess, shoes, a purse and a castle!!!! Ahh!!! It was soo adorable! XD But I didnt get it :(
Waiting in line....
Seriously the lines were soo long... Some of the lines were about an hour and a half :P :P It. Was. Packed. :P
Cotton candy on a stick...Oh yes..
One of the shortest lines! We kinda went on this one 4 times :P

Castle!!!!!!! :D 
This is the pool that was a little away from the house that we spent a lot of time at..XD
Hot tub! But we didnt use it as much as the pool :P
I was sooo in love with this car!!! 
And we got new hats...haha XD They were 2 bucks..lolz
Lamborghini!!!!! Ahhh!!!!! It was sooo beautiful!!! Everywhere we looked there was a Cobra Shelby, a Bentley, a Mustang, an old car, a corvette, a Hummer or a different beautiful car..Seriously, the place was swimming with them :P :)

This is a wave. In case you could not tell :P
There were seriously thousands of people surfing!
The sky was soo blue!! :)
We were very very busy the entire time and we didnt have much time to sit around :P From horseback riding, to disneyland our days were packed. :P 
I think my favorite day is when we drove up to a neighborhood where all the streets had horse themes, there were "horse Xing" signs everywhere, 23 miles of horse trails, people walking around with horses and multi-million dollar mansions to visit Cousin Dolores. :) She is the coolest person i have met in a looong time :) I got to ride a Quarter Horse named Zane :) I got to gait and he is sooo much smoother than the Arabian I used to ride :P After that we went and hung out at her multi-million dollar mansion..That was something like the movies :P We played with her dog, Zoe and visited with her other horse (a paint!!!) named Ura :D After that we went in her Hummer for dinner...hehehhehehehehehehe ^_^ and then....
We went to visit another horse named Cooper! He was a miniature horse and the cutest thing I have seen in a loooong time...:P :) They called him Mini Cooper!!! Eeeekkkk!!!! There were also about 20 other horses there and I gave each and every one of them a kiss and petted them :) All except for the one that tried to bite me....
after that...
we went back to her house and...
she gave us a ride in her...
Bentley Azure 2009 convertible!!!!
It was sooo beautiful!!
I just about died of spazzing out.

hehe....I liked it here. ^_^
 more surfers
 a crab we found!! Actually...The place was crawling with 
 The sand looked like it had glitter mixed in...hehe

 at the beach!

 Riding Zane :)

 She drank out of the pool XD :)
 Riding in the Hummer :)

 Real cherry coke!!!!!! It was sooo good...i drank so much of it I thought I was gonna explode..haha XD 

Well, I could post more but I'll spare you ;)

What is your favorite place you have traveled to? :)

<3 <3 <3


  1. Wow I'm super jealous right now. I wish I could have seen the Lambo in real life.

    The Hummer would have been awesome too.

    Good post! Do more please! lol

  2. My favourite place I've ever travelled to? I think... Poland! :) Then, Disneyland. And after that, Portland. ;)


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