Monday, August 1, 2011

The Rebelution Conference,Caleb's party and the Jubilee. :D (but don't worry, it wont be that long...)

So, I had a pretty eventful weekend..It was awesome.  On Friday was the Jubilee. It was a blast.
We all wore 3D glasses from the movies that Wes pulled out of his backpack... It was fun to wear them around. Especially because people were laughing. :D Good times. hehe

I love this picture...... haha

Absolutely adorable Kake. 
Daniel taking some pictures:
Polka dot with her camera...As usual. ;)
I only got one mosquito  bite and it only itched for about three minutes! Hooray!!!!!!

Then, on Saturday I was very excited to go to the Rebelution conference!! :D I got to meet Brett and Alex Harris and got them to sign 'Do Hard Things'. :D 
Something happened to the coloring (The auditorium had kind of icky lighting....) but I like it anyways! :D
I also got to meet Elaine from! She is the girl doing the 100 days in one dress. :D I got to meet her on Day 91 and she was amazing :)
She even got a picture of  Raquel, her and I and put it up on her facebook fan page! Yeah, I was pretty pumped about that. :D
I was also pretty happy that I got to see my good friends, Jono and Jacob. It's been a while and when I was leaving there were many hugs and "see you......sometime........"'s going around. :P
This is a very fuzzy picture of Alex.......... :P
and this is a very fuzzy picture of Brett.... :P

Then! On Sunday I went to Caleb's party! It was so fun. I played volleyball, talked and...talked. hehe. :D I was really pleased with the present I found Caleb, it was the monster drink cuff made out of a monster drink can! :D I hope he likes it......... :P lol It was purple. 
I (sadly) didn't get any pictures of the party. My camera kind of sat by the speaker system soaking up some good tunes ;)

Oh yes, and you should seriously check out this blog: 
It's by a good friend, and he finally started it up again! :D It's a good blog. So, GO! Please? x)
Bye! I will try to post again sometime. :)
I was supposed to be going and seeing Cowboys vs. Aliens...But I have to babysit. :( I was pretty bummed about that...I was kind of excited to see that movie. I like cowboys. ;) But you knew that already. haha
Thanks for the comments on my last post! It made me feel really special to see a 7 where there is usually a two or a zero! :D You sure know how to make someone happy. :D
All in all, I was happy to get to spend time with Raquel, Jono, Jacob, Wes, Daniel, Kake, Had, Caleb, Suzy, and all of my other friends. :D
<3 <3 <3
Elisa :D :D :D
Question of the post!
How many computers do you/your family have? :D


  1. Hmm, Let's see here... If you're only talking about the ones in the house... there's...6. I have 2, my dad has 3, and my mom has 1.

    If you're talking about all immediate family, that number shoots up to 10. :P

  2. Oh, and I'm about to get another one come this next week or two.

  3. Hey can you start posting more often? I miss your "random" posts! Thanks!!!!

  4. Such a fun and eventful weekend! I love it when you have a lot of stuff going on on weekends:)

  5. So much fun at The Rebelution with YOU, girlie!! Oh, and that pic of you and Jono and Jacob turned out really cute ;)

  6. You saw the Harris brothers. AND Miss Elainious. AND met them. I'm jealous. Too many cool people I like are in Oregon. I'm stuck in the Midwest.


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