Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not really anything... But... Yeah...

I guess I will start posting on Sundays...And maybe once during the week...But I am going to be so busy. :P My dad is checking out a job right now. :P I sure hopes he gets it..Ya know? :D

First things first, my posts are going to become waaaaaaaay more structured and coherent. Starting now. Thing is...I am not sure how to do that. That is why I need your help! How can I do that? What do I do? How to I structure my posts?! Someone told me that the thing about my posts is that I seem to be having a one way conversation that doesn't really make much sense... :P Is that true? What do I do to make it better? :/ I need your help! 

Today was Sunday and I was so afraid that I was going to fall asleep during the sermon because I am so crazy exhausted.. :P Tomorrow I am going to work again, so I am thinking about going to bed early? Sound like a good plan? I think so. But the thing is, no matter what time I go to bed I am not going to fall asleep until like, two in the morning.. :P

Eee!!! I am not being structured!!!

Do you want to see the first picture that I ever took? This is when I had my little aqua camera and didn't have anything better.. :P Now, thanks to Caleb, I have an awesome one!!! :D
You can even see the date on it. :D 5/2/2010. :D 
The difference makes me happy. :)
Right now much is not happening. Your typical hot Sunday afternoon. I talked to my friends for a while, went to church and now I am just sitting here listening to music talking to a friend on Facebook (who by the way...Is not going to win the poking war.) :D Bring it...ON.
 Find the butterfly!! :P
 Haha, I don't look like I know what I am doing..But..I do. :P lolz

 Can you see how dirty I am? :P
 Very dirty. HAHA
The last thing I want to do tomorrow is pack up and go haul more wood.  The last. What I want to do right now is jet ski. Yes.. I want to Jet Ski so much. :D
Once again this post is unstructured...That is kind of depressing..haha
I want orange soda right now...
<3 <3 <3
Elisa :) :) :)
Random Question of the day:
What is your dream job? :D 
Told ya it was going to be a random question! :D


  1. I dont know who told you that your posts were not structured, but I can tell you this was a bit more structured than some of them. Is that hopeful? Just write about your day, the things you do and how you feel about the things you are doing. Write about your goals and how you plan to attain them. Keep focused. Tell us what you like to do in your free time? Stay on topic. You'll be fine. And if all else fails, remember it's your blog. You can say what you want! :)

  2. Ha, it took me a minute to find the butterfly. (:

    I think your blog's plenty structured. It'd be different if you were like, "This blog is strictly about gardening" and then went off on random topics, but since it's seems to be more about life, it doesn't seem like a problem to me. But that's just my opinion. Like Mrs Darling said, it's your call!

    Dream job? Full-time author. Haha -- random questions get random answers. (;

  3. Structure of any essay (just for a tip):

    1. Introduction

    2. Body

    3. Conclusion

    Structure for a daily update on a blog:

    1. Quick summary (with few details) of your day.

    2. In-depth details for each event (a paragraph for each event, if there are multiple ones.

    3. Conclude with a quick recap of what you thought of the day. Maybe throw in a few things you especially enjoyed. End blog post.

    I actually want to have two jobs:
    1. Something to do with computers.
    2. Author of books.

  4. Well, I love building things (not the actual building of it :P), so the architecture field has really stood out to me. I'm hoping to do a job shadow kinda thing for my senior project come this year however :D

  5. I'd love to become a lawyer!

    Cool blog, btw, gonna follow you :D

    Ani xx

  6. I've missed you!
    Love your bucket list <<
    Awesome post, dear! :)
    -Rachel Lynn

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  8. @Mrs. Darling: Awww! Thanks Mrs. Darling! :D That's right! My blog! My rules! xD

    @Jenna: Thanks. :) That would be kind of a boring blog...haha xD

    @Daniel: Awesome! Thanks! :D
    You would be very suited for a writing job. :D lol

    @Wes: That's is so awesome!!!! Yep. That is awesome. Nuff said. :D We just talked about it, so you know how cool I think that is now..haha

    @Ani: Lawyers are awesome! The good ones of course, which you will be. ;) Thanks for following girlie!! :D <3

    @Rachel: I've missed you too girl! :P Thanks, it was definitely an odd one. haha Thanks! :)

    @Krista: Hi!!!!
    :D I'll definitely check out your blog! :D

    Thank you all for commenting!! :D You should have seen me spaz out when I saw them :) <3 Ya guys!! :D

  9. This is pretty funny. :) I would looooove to be a writer.


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