Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Red awesomeness. :)

One of my good friends recently told me to look up this one band called Red. :D I am hooked. I love them so much. xD Look at This!!!! I so want to go. As in...I have to. :P So the same friend that told me about them and I talked about how much we both have to go. Have to. :P
Here is their official website. :D
And here are some of their songs.. That I love. :P
This song is so sad. And so pretty. I love it. :'( The tune is just the saddest thing in the world. It makes me want to sit in the corner and cry for hours...Not really...But I still wuvs it. ^_^
I like this one too. :)
This was the first song that I heard by them. It left a good impression. x)

But this is possibly my favorite. :D
Yep. Music filled with epicness. ;)

Yes. I love them. :D

Someone asked me why I do the "Question of the post" and to tell you the truth...I stole it.:P Yes. Horrid, terrible, thieving me. I stole it from Daniel. Because he had such a good idea. :P He has a really awesome blog, and if you have not looked at it the bazillion other times I have linked him than you should. :) He's really quite funny and never fails to make me laugh. XD
Question of the Post
(thought of by Daniel..hehehe) 
What is your favorite band? What type of music do you like to listen to? 
<3 <3 <3 Love you guys!! :)
~Elisa, your blog friend who really wants to see Red sometime, has a whole ton of candy hidden in her closet and thinks she has the cutest little sister in the world.~


  1. hey. so i have been reading your blog. not for long but i have read a few of your posts now and i have to say one thing.
    you stink
    do you actually think you are funny? do you actually think you are cute? you are so ugly., stupid and you remind me of a cows butt. i hope you have no self esteem. you shouldnt
    do you seriously have friends? no body would like you! they are lying to you. i can say now. if i said something about you here than NO boday would stick up for you. thats how much you suck. i dare your friends to say something here. i dare them.
    you are so stupid! seriously?! i hope you hate your blog and i hope you hate yourself. and i am not one of those ppl who go to blogs and say things just to make people mad. i only say things that are true. just stop trying. you suck at blogging. dont even try.

  2. Oh really random person? Not one of her friends will stick up for her? Guess what? I will. And you know what's funny? You say this, "you are so stupid!" Then go off and use poor grammar. Really random internet person, you make me laugh just due to the sheer irony of this situation. I don't know if you have ever seen this thing called the "shift" key, but it's there so you can capitalize you "I's" and the beginning of your sentences.

  3. *Your "I's" (Keyboard is funky)

  4. Hey, Anonymous person, get the hell away from this blog if you're going to rage. Go die an outrageous death involving your mom sticking your head in a meat grinder. Stop being an idiot just because you don't know how to blog or even how to set up a blog. For all I know, you're just spam or an ass. Now gtfo off the internet and go screw yourself.

    This message is brought to you by the 248 people that love the author of this blog. I'm guessing you only have 1.4 people...

  5. @Anonymous
    That kinda wasn't cool, yo.

    Btw, Elisa, I like RED :D Breathe Into Me is a good one.

  6. Make that 249!!
    Dude go find a life.
    or die in a hole, your choice.

  7. The haters have found you.... :(

  8. Random anonymous stupid hater person who likes raging, I now speak directly to you. Find a life. If you don't like a blog, don't read it, and especially don't post comments telling the author how much they suck, even if they do (I'm not saying you suck, Elisa, you're great) If you think she sucks, and if you have so much self esteem for yourself, why don't you make your own blog, tell us who you are. We'll see how well you do.

    Elisa: Don't be upset that a random hater appeared. In once sense, it's a good thing, it shows you that people WILL stick up for your blog. And how is that bad?

    Comment forgetting all previous comments:
    Red, in my opinion, is okay. A lot of their stuff sounds pretty similar to Breaking Benjamin, who, by the way, came out 4 years before Red did.

    Answer to question of the post:
    What is my favorite band? Well, right now I would have to say Breaking Benjamin, (who I think was introduced to me by the same person who told you about Red, but I don't know that for sure.) But I'm sure it'll one day revert back to being Muse or Radiohead.
    What kind of music do I like? that's a very large question. I like plenty of music. But really, you don't want to get me going on music that I do and do not like.

  9. Oh, and @Nathan, Yeah, it was the same person who showed you Breaking Benjamin :P

  10. Oh! And to answer the question:

    Band.... Hmmm, It would have to be Red at the moment, I have a list of other bands that I love, but I've been listening to Red the most recently.

    For Genre... I listen to anywhere from Indie Rock all the way to Metal. :P

  11. @Anonymous

    Okay, so...I know what it means to get bad comments, Elisa, so don't listen to any of the heck this stupid person is telling you!! You are SO beautiful! I am AMAZED that you are one of my friends! You ARE funny!! I love how we kept laughing at the conference last Saturday. ;) Don't listen to anything this person is saying! They are just JEALOUS of you! They are jealous of your friends, of your blog, of your beautiful face. When you even BEGIN to think that maybe they are right, you stop and think about me...think about all these other amazing friends that commented...because WE LOVE YOU!!!

    :::::::HUGE HUGS:::::::


    PS: Anonymous person - you better be glad I don't know you because honestly, you'd be on the floor with a bloody nose right now. AND, I'd let my horse trample you. ;)

  12. you are a pethetic-head jerk-face mr. ananomus dude guy. grrrrrrrrrrrr. just listen to my roar.

  13. diddo Raquel. anonymous person you better FEAR for your life. because if I ever find out who you are I will pulverize your body like nothing else. This girls got so many friend and we all love her. so IN YO FACE!!!

  14. Oh my goodness you guys. :D I totally started bawling my eyes out when I saw all of your comments! :)(no joke...Okay..Fine, I only started crying a little..But whatever!) You are the best and I love ya all!!!! :D :D :D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    (Gonna take Raquel's cute hearts) :D


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