Friday, July 22, 2011

Oaks Park. :) and a little more (as usual) :P and the reasons that my blog is going to be slow right now... :P

I had the time of my life on Tuesday. Seriously. I died. It was the best. :D I have the most beautiful/best looking friends in the world. They are wonderful, awesome, crazy and epic. :D Here are some pictures of those awesome people. :)
(oh yeah, and this is what I feel like right now.) :P

I went on the roller coaster for the second time in my life. Yes. I was scared to death. And yes. Will and Wes were very reassuring....Actually...None of them were..They just told me I was not going to die and then pointed out how the coaster of death was supported....

We were all waaaaay to happy to be on the Carousel....

Octopus. :D I like this ride. :)
The awesome ostrich that protected Wes from pictures.
I can not tell you how epic this picture is. xD
I was so cold the entire time! It was so weird! Everyone else was really warm and I was freezing! Finally Wes (very awesomely) gave me his jacket...Then I was warm again :P
Will very kindly photo bombed this picture. haha On purpose....

I think the monkey cages were the best part...That and the roller coaster... :D They were both SO CRAZY FUN!!!
I got a picture of the trees...
This is Katy. Katy is awesome. 
After that we went to the Evans' house and hung out. That was fun :D :D

Then I went to AnnaLise's house and played with Ryan, AnnaLise, Brianna and Wally. :D We played Capture the flag...The boys won for the first time! But that was only because he tricked me!!!! :P :P RYYYYAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
here are the reasons while my blog is gonna be slow. :P
So today I went to work with my dad... It was awesome! I love the feeling of accomplishment as I tear up decks with crowbars, crawl under porches and get covered in mud, haul wood, battle hoards of spiders, get blistered bruised and tired. It. Is. Awesome. (I also love the feeling of a little money I can spend) ;)
It is epic when you are so tired you are falling asleep as you eat dinner, when you are so sore that bed feels like heaven, when you are so hungry that you feel like you are going to be sick ( I only like that when I am greeted by a cold coke and pizza or something. ^_^) I almost fell asleep as I ate...Haha xD
So, thank you papa for letting me come to work with you *EVERYDAY* now, and thank you all my awesome friends for being the most epic, most beautiful/good looking, totally cool, caring, best friends in the world :) I love ya all!!! :D
I will not be blogging very much any more..One of my friends told me that my blog was incoherent, unstructured and kinda dumb!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!! :P :P :P lol!!!! xD That's funny...And true...and sad...
Also, I am going to work with my dad every day now, so my day has been this:
1) Get up at 7
2) Stuff some breakfast in my face
3) Get to the job site
4) Work (MAKE MONEYS!!! Yes..I am happy about that part....)
5) Load up the tools
6) Get home
7) Eat dinner (usually falling asleep on the table)
8) Take a well earned shower
9) Go to bed
10) Fall asleep around two. Thanks to insomnia. :P
Then all over again!
and I love it!! :D
<3 <3 <3
Elisa :) :) :)


  1. Ha! I go to Oaks Park all the time during the summer!

  2. I've still never been to Oaks Park. I missed out on the after party because Caleb failed to mention that he was getting a ride to it from Andrew Erland--from the softball game (which I did not attend). Therefore, Caleb is the reason I didn't come to the after-party...

    Good post, keep 'em coming please!

  3. That "coaster of death" bit seriously made me laugh. Sounds like it was fun!

  4. well please keep posting okay? i love reading your blog posts!!!

  5. @Kate: You do? AHH! That is so awesome! xD

    @Daniel: :( You need to come some time...Another event? x) :( That stinks..Bad Caleb. :P
    Thanks :D I'll try to keep posting. :)

    @Jenna: :D lol! I am glad you thought it was funny. ^_^

    @Whoever you are that awesomely took the time to comment: :D I will try. :) Thanks. :)


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