Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A fan girl post for Fred and Charlie (umm...Not...) :P

This is my fan-girl post for Charlie McDonnell. No. I am joking....Fan-girl posts kind of scare me..They are so goopy and weird...Iiiicky.....I mean, sometimes it is kind of cute when people write posts about their girlfriend/boyfriend. I am just like "aww" But fan-girl post...Yeah....yep... Not my thing...I don't think at least! :P
Anyways!!!! Here is what I think of Charlieissocoollike. :D
Charlie is funny. I have heard people say that Fred is funny...And I do not agree...Like....AT ALL. He screams, he has a terribly annoying voice and he is a little baby. :P I hate him. Hate him so much. :P But charlie is funny! (and he has more subscribers than Julian Smith..A lot more... O.O) And he has an epic accent....I mean........Does Fred have an epic, awesome, totally cool, British accent? NOOoooooOOOOooooo!!!!! Does Fred love Dr. Who to pieces and totally nerd out on it? Noooooo! Does Fred play awesome music? Noooooo! Does Fred be annoying? Yeesssss!!!!! Does Fred scream? Yeeeessssss!!!! Does Fred give you a headache? Yeeeessssss!!!! There? See? If you like Fred...Go. Just go. I mean it. Leave. Please.....and watch Charlie. ;) You will realize that Fred is annoying and childish. And no. He does not have cool hair. Some people say "But Elisa!!! He has cute hair!!!" No. No. I am sorry. But no. He has Justin Beiber hair. Enough said. Here are some Charlieissocoollikevideos. :)
:P Yeah, I had to say it. ;D
I love this one. xD "I LOVE HIM" hahahahahhahahahhahahhaha!!!!
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA.......Yep. I think this one is pretty funny. :D
But now, Girls. x) I'm kind of thinking these girls didn't really take this survey seriously...Either that they are really dumb, really scary or really weird.
"I wonder how I could fit in that dryer?"
Alright fine. I will not post very many more. x) Only two more. One in which he sings, and one where he tries his best American accent. xD xD HAHA
"oh no you don't girlfriend!" haha xD
I love this. It's so awesome! And he is so nerdy! xD This song goes through my head so VERY BADLY! "He's the Doctor! But Doctor What? I think he's a martian, though I know that's a long shot!" :D
Yeah. I am done. :D I hope you like him more! Unless you liked him before and now you are so crazy obsessed that you are going through and watching his over 100 videos and commenting on every single one saying "I LOVE YOU CHARLIE!!!!!" and calling every single family with the last name "McDonnell" in Bath. That would be scary and I would feel terrible for creating something scary. No. But seriously. Some girls went  through the phone book and called every single McDonnel until they got him. It seriously freaked him out. So..Yeah...Don't try it... heehee!
I had 7 and a half slurpees today! Because they were free! :D I wuvs them! I had my first today. :D I tried Coke, blue raspberry, Watermelon lime, blueberry, banana (YUUUUCK!!!) grape, and a couple others that I know I forgot. :P I also mixed some. That was nummy. But grape, watermelon lime and blue raspberry is not a good idea to mix..I am just sayin' :P
Now I should get to bed, so, goodnight! sleep well! 

<3 <3 <3

Elisa :D :D :D
You have had the almost imponderable joy of watching Charlieissocoollike. Which makes you, like cool!


  1. Your post is so cute. I love it.
    And I now you have me wanting a Slurpee. Lime is my favorite.

  2. hahaha I love him. He's made me laugh out loud.:):)


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