Thursday, July 14, 2011

BOB......NOT B.O.B...... :P

Weell, I was hanging around on this awesome place called Photobuuucket (photobucket) when I found this absolutely adorable picture. :D Actually, a few pictures that I fell in love with. And they are called Bob. :D Here they are!!!

Cute isn't he? :D
Alright! I lied!! I didn't find him on photobucket!!!! HE BE MY BRO!!! :D He drew all of these and they are da bomb! :D
He likes peanut
So go to his blog! And comment! And stuffs!!!! If you want...Which you do.. ^_^ No pressure though! (I think...) >:) jk!
All the bobs that he does are in charcoal and just plain paper. :D 
Here is his blog:
But that's not all! No that's not all!!! :D :D
Here is a picture he did of me. ^_^ In anime. :D
Those are Mike 'n Ikes in my hand. I wuvs Mike 'n Ikes. :)
This is what he said
"this is an anime of Elisa.  That thing in her hand is a box of Mike and Ikes.  Their spilling all over the place because she's such a spaz."
lol :P
Yeah...this is very me... heehee
Preeetty. :)
I love this. :D I stole the original and it is hiding in my room ;)
I like his gun. lol
Cool huh? Well, he does a lot of art...and it is all epic. :)
Did you see my cute little slideshow thing? :D I like it. :) 
What do you think of the whole new blog thing? I mean, I changed the background and a couple of other things. ;)
Also. If you find the "hidden poll" then you win. muahaha! :D
<3 <3 <3
Elisa :D
Today is the day that a lot of my friends go and see the midnight showing of Harry Potter. :D I can't wait till I can see it! But alas. At the moment I am quite broke, and still have a birthday present to get for a friend and have a nasty cold. lol! xD


  1. Your bro. is very talented.

  2. Isn't he? :D I think he is the best artist in the world. ^_^


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