Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Because someone said they missed my random ramblings. ^_^ and day 15! :D

So, right now I am really quite pleased with myself ---> Pleased face ---> ^_^
I am happy because because I have the beginnings of a very nice tan! Well, maybe it's not worthy of being called a tan, (yet) but compared to my white pasty Oregonian face that I was wearing before, I am making some progress. Yes, I am still just as bad as even the most pale of my friends, Yes, I have only been working at it for about two days. No, I was not with a monkey. and Yes, I am pleased with myself. ^_^ heehee!
You know what? I really need a flashlight. Every single night I get into my pajamas, pull my hair back into a ponytail, and climb into bed....Then comes the annoying part... The second I close my eyes my brain releases all it's thoughts, ideas, colors and posts that it has kept locked up all day onto what it wishes it was paper. So I lay there, caught up in all of those ideas and listening to that very annoying fly buzzing around and wishing for a light that would not annoy my trying to sleep little brother... (and that the fly would go away...) Because I know that if I do not write down my ideas there by stopping my brain from screaming "WRRRIIIIIITE MEEEEE DOOOOOWN!!!!!!'' than my brain will keep thinking thoughts, plotting posts, and growling at that very annoying fly till I find out it is four in the morning and I still have not gone to sleep..
I do keep a notebook and pen by my bed....and sometimes I am able to hunt down my cell phone and use the lantern, but that still not very bright and I have to stop it from closing ever thirty seconds of so. :P haha
So, I came to this conclusion: (after much thought, many notes and sitting up many nights) I SHOULD GET MYSELF ONE OF THOSE HANDY LITTLE WIND-UP FLASHLIGHTS!
Well...I kind of lost the rest of my post...As in...It was written in a notebook and my notebook decided to take off.. (More like I thought I put it in a safe place, but then found out that I have no clue where that safe place was. ) So I will post fourth of July pictures... ^_^ But not very many, I wanna save them for the fourth of july POST!!!!!!!! Yep. That's it.
Shay and Benny
Andy and Caleb playing volleyball
He was telling me to stop taking pictures of him.... But I like this one. heehee
Not exactly sure why I am making this face...I don't even really remember doing it...I must have been drunk off of sugar, ice cream, soda and candy....... O.o
They were obsessing over some game..... O.o
Benny, Wes and Adam
There...I think that is enough...For now... >:)

There, is that enough pictures? I think so...I don't wanna make it so long that everyone looses interest..... :P heehee....
I had an awesome time at AnnaLise's house yesterday, we played with the neighbor kids, Ryan and Brianna. :D Capture the Flag was epic, girls totally MURDERED the boys!!! HAHA!!!!!! I had fun with that... haha. Three games in a row for girls....NONE for the boys....
We also played in the pool for a while, Marco Polo was pretty fun. lol I was it only four times the entire time, and that is only because Ryan was totally trying his hardest to find me (he said it was not fair that I had not been it yet) and Wally and AnnaLise were totally trying to help. (Trying?!?!? "LEFT! RIGHT!!!! BEEEHIND YOU!!!!!!") heehee, that was epic. x)
Well, I am getting a little long here...And warm...I am so warm...AND I AM TRYING TO TAN!! AHHHHHAGAGAGAGAG!!!! And I have to go to the library..........So,
Goodbye my faithful readers!!!  (I am at 19,860 pageviews!!!! THANK YOU!!!) :D :D
Until next time:
Thirty day challenge:
Day 15 - A song that describes you
Everyone says this:

Yeah....So..... Sorry this is so long. :P :P :P :( :( :(

 Kudos if you got to the end! Comment and tell me how epic you are!!! heehee!!! :D


  1. Awesome pictures! I like your "drunk candy face" hahaha Your hair is beautiful too.:)

  2. Heehee? :P lolz

    Hahaha, thanks. x) lol
    Aww!!!! Thanks so much! :D <3


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