Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bucket lists. :)

Because I am entering this giveaway: THIS ONE! I am going to do a post on bucket lists, for an extra entry. ;) 
Here is my post.... :D

We all know what a bucket list is. And if you don't...Than I am sorry because if you don't then you are a very uncivilized person or you have no goals in life...Some people dream big and have huge goals, they don't get bothered by the fact that half of them will not have the awesome red check next to it that sends thrills of accomplishment up your back or that they will never be able to make a big blue smiley face on the face of the moon, and then there are the kinds that have small ideas, the ones that only dream of falling in love, getting married, spending all day in Portland doing nothing at all. The people like me. The ones that could skip skydiving, don't think that eating lambs brain is all that pressing and wants nothing more than to someday travel...But likes small happy things.The kind of people who have dreams, that are not all out of reach :) Here are some of the things on my small, not really thought about bucket list. :) Half of these things may not happen to me, but I don't think they are to hard to wish for. :)
1) Fall in love

2) Spend all day on a very hot beach
3) Ride a horse bareback
4) Travel to someplace far away and take about a thousand pictures
5) Meet someone famous (other than the people in Leverage, that was epic.... haha)
6) Get a perfect tan. ;)
7) Reach 100 followers on my blog (and/or get 20 comments on one post. ^_^)
8) Get a telescope and spend all night looking at the stars
9) Have someone work to get something crossed off my bucket list to surprise me. haha xD
10) Ride an elephant. ;D

There! That's my bucket list. :D Now, which kind of person are you? What is something on your bucket list?? :D
<3 <3 <3

p.s. have you seen the post before this one? :D


  1. Your bucket list sounds great! I like #3, 4, and 7 the best. :)

    You can find out some of the items from my bucket list here at this link:


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