Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NCFCA tournament!

am feeling very nerdy right now as I sit here and do HTML and explore the thinkgeek.com website. :D  lol, A friend told me that he thought I should look  up the website on Sunday and so I did. IT IS SO AWESOME! I'M SWIMMING IN AWESOME NERDYNESS RIGHT NOW! AND I LOVE IT!!! :D
I love HTML (hyper text markup language) it is so fun to create things using (what looks like to other people) nonsense and understanding everything that you are typing along. :) Also, you can do things like this: 
Cool stuffs huh? :D
Cool right? I think so! And I did that without doing it on that little bar thingy above the posting window... I sound so un-nerdy saying bar thingy. :P And I am such an un-nerdy person...  Oh well, I am not actually a nerd (as much as I would love to be) just a wanna be. lol Very much a wanna-be... Very very very much so..... :P :P Now, I do have friends that are nerds! (or geeks, which ever they prefer)

We watched How to Train Your Dragon yesterday. It is so cute! I love it! lol :D Hiccup has an amazing sarcastic voice and Toothless it soooo cute!!!!!! :D I just love that adorable dragon to pieces! ^_^ I mean, who couldn't? He is so cute! :) Plus, another thing that makes me happy with this movie is that David Tennant is in it. :D He is such an amazing actor, and even though I can't figure out who he is in this, I still can feel his presence..... sort of.... :P

Okay, I am going to stop talking about that and tell you about the NCFCA tournament that I went to! It was sooooooooooooooooooo fun and I met at ton of interesting people! :) The first day of the tournament it took me a while to get out of my "shell:" and actually talk to people, but after about two hours people started to talk to me and I started to talk to them. :D I made some new friends that I am really happy about, like Devin, Anecia, Andra, David, Trevin and more. :) Some of the girls were really nice! One of them looked so much like the girl from High School Musical that I was just standing there like O.O She looked like Kasey. (I think that is her name, I have not watched them in a while. :P) We attempted to swing... but I am not very good at the guy's part.. and she had no idea how... so we kind of failed. :P It was still fun though! :D
Now here are some pictures!!! :)
Devin balancing a pepperoni stick on his nose
It was so cool seeing all the people doing all the different things, while some people played chess, others played Egyptian Rat's war, while some played talked others juggled. And while some danced others.. did what they thought was dancing. LOL. Joking! I just couldn't think of something to do for the last one. :P

OKAY! So, who here thinks that one of these guys looks like the main guy from Penelope??? (aka the fawn from Narnia) the one that is looking straight at the camera with this funny look on his face...I think he does......
Bunches of people danced, I didn't very much because I didn't know very many of the guys and so I didn't get asked. But when it came closer to the end I got asked more. :)

We also played signs. :D 

Then we started dancing again! This whip the willow lasted at for a LONG LONG time. It was epic. But the thing that I was the most impressed with was that one of the guys (Alex) played his violin most of the time! Really fast and really long.

Alex playing:
Devin dancing with... either Andra or Anecia.... they were twins and if it were not for their name tags I would have had a lot of trouble telling them apart.. . :P But I am pretty sure that is Aundra. :) I don't really know how to spell her name....... xP

Joe and Hannah
Devin.... again. 
I want to know what was going on in the background............

You may be asking to yourself "So, what was she doing there? Partying?" NOPE! NOT ONLY PARTYING! I was there to time speeches, the tournament was regionals for NCFCA, Most of the kids there were competing. By timing I got to hear many many amazing speeches, it makes you think about these kids,  a lot them are the same age as me and they are some really really amazing speakers. You can see how hard they work and what they have gotten from all the trouble they have put into it. :) The reason that we (my mom  and I) went is because I am starting this speaking group, I am working on my first speech and have gone to a bunch of the meetings. :D This tournament were the regionals, so bunches of the groups (like Epic, Apples of Gold, Rainmakers {that is the one that I am starting} and many others) It was sad leaving them because lots of the teens that I met live in far away places like Tennessee and places like that. :P
But! My facebook friends list went up about twenty people! lol 
My mom and I also went to Voodoo donut. It was really good. :D I tried to find the craziest donut ever, but my mom decided that she was not going to be creative at all and got a boooring old---
Apple fritter. :P 
She didn't like it.. like, at all. :P Here is her opinion on it:
"Well, I did finally experience that Portland oddity otherwise known as VooDoo Doughnut. Everyone lately has been going to VooDoo Doughnut. I tried to go once before but the line was down the street and around the corner, so I had to wait for a more opportune time. So when we saw there was one right by the church where the kids were having the speech competition, we (Elisa and I) decided to give it a whirl. May I say? I don't get it.

Now, I don't think I'm all that thin skinned. I was fine with the whole horror flick sort of aura, the voodoo jelly doughnut, coffin maple bars, etc. All just for fun, and of course it's a pretty eye catching sales gimmick. But I'm not into upside down crosses and pentagrams and there was a lot of that there. But not only that, it stank. And it was scuzzy. And my apple fritter was doughy and undercooked. And for the rest of the day, no matter how many times I washed my hands, I could smell it. All in all, it was just plain gross. Yuck. So I can cross that one off my bucket list, and I will never do it again. I'm sure they are really sad and will miss me frightfully."
<3 <3 <3

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