Saturday, April 23, 2011

Awardy thingy....

Monica gave me this awardy thing... I (like her) have Nooooo clue how to explain it. :P :P But from what I know, I am supposed to do the following:

~Thank the person who gave you the award
~Tell seven things about yourself
~Award other bloggers whose blogs who inspire you!
~Contact the other bloggers, and let them know that they have received the award!   

Thanks Monica for giving me this award!!!! :D :D :D It is so amazingly sweet of you! :)
Now I am supposed to tell seven things about me... Hmmm

1) I am a big fan of Facebook chatting. lol
2) I am totally in love with lemonade, cupcakes, sun, my plaid ballet flats, dancing around,  my Robot necklace(who I named Eugene Fitzherbert), Apocalypse war, bubbles and cameras right now. I am sure there are more and the minute that I get off I will remember them.. :P
3) I have never actually looked forward to summer before... but this year I am SOSOSOSO EXCITED! I have no idea why, I just have a good feeling. :D
4) I like to wear my pant legs rolled up for some reason... Especially during the summer. :) 
5) Shay (my older sister) said "you hate pancakes... and bacon..."
6) I eat when I get depressed... I eat a lot... :P

I can never think of these kinds of things... :P

7) I like getting my picture taken. :D hehehe

Yessss! Done! :D That actually took a long time... O.O

Here are some of my favorite blogs out there!!! :D :D :D Wow. It is so hard to only choose a few!!! >.<
Daniel's blog  
Hannah's blog
Nathan's blog
Shay's blog
Beka's blog
Laney's blog
Lauren's blog
Raquel's blog
lol, I guess that isn't a few is it. x)
Now to send the little notice thingys. :D
<3 <3 <3

Do I really have to tell everyone that I tagged... Hehehe, well, here goes!!! :D
p.s Coming soon is a post about going up to the mountain today, it was warm! Yet slightly chilly... and bright... yet slightly windy and cold. I think the drive was my favorite part. I love to drive. Not as in actually steering the massive beast van myself, but as in sitting in the passenger seat, window down with the breeze on my face and watching the world fly by and all that stuffs. :) No matter how long the drive is, I still enjoy it, especially if I am with friends and we are all singing at the top of our lungs and having an amazing time, like on the way to the snow trip! :D lol


  1. Aw thanks so much!! I feel honored to be listed :D

  2. aww...I didn't get tagged. poo. haha. jk.:):)

  3. I would have tagged you Kimmi, but I had so many already.. :P


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