Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pics of my sister and bro and some ramblings.

 I am feeling just a teeny tiny bit depressed. :P Oh well...
What do you think of the new background? I love it!!! Little robots!!! Could it get any better than that???!!! :) :) :)
I took Noelle and Joseph for another walk today, they are just so stinkin' cute! :D I just love them to pieces! :)
The pictures are not all that good or anything, but I am looking forward to editing them. 
I took over 85 pictures, but don't worry, I wont post them all. :)
Noelle never fails to make interesting faces right as I am going to take the picture... :P I love the way they are holding hands. <3
I was kind of bummed to see that I had my camera on the wrong setting and so all the pictures turned out to be an interesting color. : /
I love the way Joseph looks worried in this one. :)
He looks like he is up to something....

I would be lying if I said that they didn't get sticky. :P

I am looking forward to editing this one especially. :)

LOLOLOLOLOLOL, this picture cracks me up!!!! :D Or.. Trololololololol as Wesley would say. :D

Look at his amazing eye lashes! Crazy! :D
I love this picture. :)

I like the bubbles. :)

There, I told you I wasn't going to post them all, I never said I was not going to post tons and tons. :) Hehehe
As I said before, they are not the best pictures, I am just waiting to edit them and try to make them better. Lately I have been feeling a little bit discouraged when it comes to photography.. I see all these people who are doing better than me and I just sit here with my little tiny blog with my crummy photography.... I keep finding myself saying "If I had an AMAZING camera I would have soooo gotten that picture! And it would have looked awesome." But, I do have a good camera! Well, better than my last, and I am really happy to have it, it was so amazingly cool of Caleb to give it to me and I am extremely grateful. I keep looking at it and thinking "Wow. Why on earth did he give me this?!?!?!" So, I shouldn't be discouraged should I? I guess it is not the camera that makes me feel no good at photography, it is the person taking the pictures. :P I'm just no good! :P But am good, for me? Right? Right? Right. And if you said wrong, then you should go.. stick your head in a bowl for not supporting people when they are trying to encourage themselves. Not only stick it in a bowl.. let a llama lick it!!! I mean.. who even reads this?! It is soooo boring!!!!!! Oh well, I guess I will just go eat my stash of candy I have been saving, listen to my Kris Allen CD, and try to figure out if that is really why I am depressed or just something that came to mind when I thought about it... :P lol But they are pretty cute kiddies, aren't they. :)
<3 <3 <3 


  1. AWWW! They are so CUTE! I <3 your blog!

  2. It's most definitely important to believe in what we love to do! These photos are fantastic and very sweet! Don't let go of something you love because you're not sure. If you love to take photos - that's all that matters!


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