Friday, February 18, 2011

Portland!...... again.

Yesterday my Mom, and two of my sisters went to downtown Portland. We walked around and looked at all the cool stuff that was there. :)
There was this old church that I absolutely loved. :)

I don't like the way that the lamp looks in this one, but do like the way the branches in the back look. :)

 A puddle

 Me: but my hair got in the way. :P :P :P

 We went into this store:

 Too much pink! Sheesh!

 But they did have some cool stuff. :)

 WANT WANT WANT WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to get the ten dollars and buy it sometime, but I think it will take a while... :P

 This is a ring.... I would never wear it, but it was kind of interesting. :P
 Anyone who knows me, knows that I jumped up and down when I saw all the headbands that were there. xD
 The wall: Isn't that terrible?!

 But I do like this hat, it is a gangster style and really cute, there was one that I liked even better, but someone was trying it on and I did not get a chance to take a picture of it. :P
We stopped by this peanut butter sandwich place, Irene got one with bacon, (that is terribly disgusting) syrup, some kind of jam and some kind of peanut butter. Gross. Mama got one that was Thai, it was interesting, but pretty good, and Fiona got one that had hazelnut butter, blue cheese and jelly. It was interesting as well... :P
 The sign one the stand. :P

there was also this really cool place:

I like the green :D

 Then we went into this place where they sold Jaguars. It. was. awesome. :D The guy that was selling cars thought we were funny because I was like "Irene! Take a picture of me with this one!" with just about every car. xD

 This one turned out fuzzy. Which I am sad about. :P

 I like the blue of this car:

 Me!!! :D
I should have taken it from the side, but I was in a hurry. :P

 My shoes... again
my shadow!

 And... a flower. 

Love: <3


  1. These pictures are awesome! Looks like you all had fun. Love the owl necklace! :)

  2. I totally agree that the wall is Way to pink.


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