Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bunches of random pictures. :)

So, I got a camera from Caleb a few weeks ago, as you should already know and have been madly taking pictures. But I could not figure out how to download them. (Don't ask.... just think "Ditsy") But Daniel showed me how and so now our computer is slowly (slowly?!) filling up with pictures.

 Adorable Beka. :)
 Scott and his mom.
 Noelle. :)
 I am absolutely in love with this car. ^_^
 Noelle laughing. :)
 So, as some of you know I go to a history class, it is really fun and I have met some really nice kids there. :)
This is Branden, there is not much you can say about him... except
Branden= weird. :D
 They usually play volleyball after the class. I don't. :P
This is Luke. He is younger then me, but a lot taller. 
 Me. AnnaLise took this picture, so it is a little fuzzy. She was kind of jumping around. xD
Taylor and Kennith  
 Noelle. :)

 Andy and Forrest. :D
 Me and Tucker... is he smiling or being evil?
 This is a charm that I found and thought it would make a cool picture. :)
 Umm... pencils. :)

<3 <3 <3 
Elisa. :)

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