Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wishing. ^_^

I figured sense other people are doing it, it would be fine for me to do it too. ^_^
My wish list!!!!! :D It is seriously a *wish* list. :P
I said I would not put any pictures up on this post, but that would be boring! :D
Anything Aeropostale is fine with me! As long as it is not pink....
Rubber boots! (Obviously...)
Knee high converse! They are *so* cute! :D
A skateboard.  Or a long board. 
A doctor Who poster. Or a poster of any other awesome tv show or actor/actress. 

I guess there is more on my my wish list then I thought there would be! :D
5 things. ^_^ 
I went to the mall today and drooled over the stuff in Hot Topic (I only go there for the GIR stuff. :P) Aeropostale, Claire's, and bath and body works. I got a pair of skinny (kind of loose ones) jeans, that make me really happy, because they actually fit in the length and waist! Yay! :D
Now I am super tired and have a headache, I need a warm pig belly for my aching feet. :P
Of course we rode the bus, I have been very familiar with that means of transportation, but I guess there are people out there who have never set foot in one! Huh. :P

I got this at the bus stop
And this along the way. :D I was in a hurry, so it is not very good. :P
But I really like those kinds of bushes, so I don't really care. :P
We got a bunch of stuff for Noah, he is going to look so sharp on Sunday! As we held up shirts and vests next to him he kept the same expression on his face, a mix of annoyance and embarrassment. The embarrassment from the fact that Irene and I kept saying 
"Oh Noah! You are sooooo cute!!!!" 
:D Poor guy 

We established that the stripes didn't go, but I took the picture anyways.
  Looking very handsome

 I don't think he minded to much that I was taking pictures. :D
Noah's new shoes, I am very jealous and want them for myself. XD

I found this, and liked it. 
Hot Topic has a ton of GIR stuff, which makes that part of the store very cool, all the rest.... not so much. :P

I love this song. It has a really nice tune, and I really like the lyrics. :D
Long Live by Taylor Swift

Well, that is all I have to say! For now................. :P
Elisa. :)


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