Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Things.... I have to say...

I want rubber boots so bad!!! I am hoping I can raise some money and get some. :P

They are so cute!

I love Taylor Swift's new album, Speak Now. I love all the songs on it! :D
So far I have published 40 posts. Yay! I think it is 40 at least......... :P
I was thinking about Christmas this evening (who isn't?) and suddenly realized, I have nothing I really want! Well, other then an ipad, skateboard and other expensive things like that. :P Other then little things like lip gloss, crazy socks, graphic t's or rubber boots there is not much! :P I also have been trying to figure out what to get my friends! I figured I should get candy for all the boys. boys are always happy for that type of thing. But what for the girls? Bath and Body works is a pretty safe guess for most, if I had some money that is. :P
I wonder how many posts I have done with no pictures.... I should try doing that sometime.... :P But not this post, I  have some pictures I want to put up. ^_^

My very good friend Hadley took these and I edited them on Photobucket. I love Photobucket!!!!! :D


Color Splash is one of my favorite type of picture editing, whatever you call it. :P
  Kake. She is sooooo cute!!!! ♥☻

I love how much you can do with that site! :D There are sticker things you can put on your pictures, all sort of things!

I love this picture. :D

Converse look really cool color splashed

More converse

Wow, I guess that is what happens when I search "Color Splash" on Photobucket....

Joseph said the ladybug was gross and he thinks it is too green. Hmmm....

People have told me that I am the type of person that stands in the corner like I don't really understand what they are talking about, and then all the sudden blurt out with something really smart sounding that has to do with the thing they were talking about, I don't think so! What does that mean? That I am not the brightest looking person? lol. XD
Is this post to long? Should I stop? Naw, if you don't like it then you can stop reading, I don't want to stop. :P
What do you think of what I did to my blog? I like it. ^_^ I love gray and pink together, and I don't really like pink! :D I am really happy with how the tree picture turned out, even if it is a little fuzzy on one of the branches. :P Have you ever searched "ABC songs" on YouTube? The weirdest things come up, like little cats with mouths shaped like O's humming off tune and holding up cards with letters on them, all the while this person singing "A,B,C,D,E...." really badly. I think it would be better for a little kid just to use flash cards, I used them! And look how I turned out! Actually.... don't.....
My next post I will have no pictures, because I realized I have never done it before. :P I just love pictures!
Am I the only one who finds Fred Figelhorn (Or however else you spell his name) the most annoying thing in the world?! He is worse then the Annoying Orange!.... who, by the way, can be pretty funny....
Fred Wins.... totally.

This is the best Annoying Orange episode out there, because it has Julian Smith in it.
"Hey! Hey lizard berry!"

Yeah, so I am not a fan of Annoying Orange, he just happens to have a couple of funny moments. :P
Elisa. :)

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  1. aw I love color splash! Your blue camera is awesome. :)


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