Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Puddles, the Mall and Grotto

There have been some epic puddles lately. Epic ones. :D
And thanks to my awesome brother I could jump in them without killing my converse, like I used to. :P
Irene actually took most of them. :D

That puddle was pretty epic and I got pretty wet. :D

The choir that my sister is in sang at a place called the Grotto.
They had to sing for 45 minutes striaght. I would have been soooo tired of singing by the end of it if I were them. :P

The pictures are really nasty, but the  lighting was terrible for picture taking. :P :P :P
The Church they sang in was very pretty.
But I couldn't help but notice mess ups in the sheet rock in some places. :P That is what happens when you are a contractors daughter I guess. XD
I am pretty sure I spelled 'contractor' wrong, but there is no spell check. :P

It was night and incredibly wet. It rained and rained and rained. I was so soaked it was not even funny. Actually, it was funny, I was dripping and my sweat shirt looked like it was supposed to be dark blue intead of light. <:D
Forrest and Andy.

I said this tree looked like a mushroom.
But other people said that it did not very firmly, so I did not say it again.

I was really glad that I wore my boots and not my converse as was previously planned. :D
they did not look very good with my outfit, but I did not really care, my feet were warm and dry. Which is more then some other people could say. XD
I went to the mall with some of my friends yesterday and got this awesome Converse t-shirt. It is gray and has three pairs of Converse on it. It has these weird sleeves that have holes to put your thumbs through that I love. :D I also got a necklace that has letters on it that spell "love" and a pair of heart earrings. I do not have my ears peirced, but hope to get them done some time soon. The necklace and earrings were both $1.50 each  and I figured that was a good price. :)
The last (but not least) thing I got was an Aeropostale sweat shirt with my gift card I got for Christmas. It is the same one that I am wearing in the puddle pictures at the top. ^_^
<3 <3 <3 <3
Elisa.:) :):)


  1. Love your boots!!! Rain is awesome, isn't it?

  2. Seriously? I said the tree looked like a mushroom too!

    Great minds think alike!


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