Thursday, December 30, 2010

Irene and I.

I am like super happy right now because I got a one hundred dollar sweat shirt for thirteen dollars! w00t! :D It was from Aeropostale and I love it. ^_^ I also got two pairs of slacks and a cute little coat thing for church. All my dresses are too short and cold, so I had nothing good for winter, but now I do! Yay! :D I am typing with my fingers all taped up right now because I am trying to break my habbit of biting my nails. :P I broke it a few times when I was younger, but the only reason I did was because I wanted that Hello Kitty cup so badly. Now I have a real reason to, the modeling job! :D
My little sister and I are bestest friends, and have been since we were born, Partners in crime as we called ourselves and had lot's of fun being mischievous.. From pretending to throw apples up on the curb in front of the neighbor kids to sleeping during clean up time, we stuck up for each other to the bitter end. When one of us got caught, the other tried to get them out of a punishment until there was nothing more to do, then we would confess our part and get the punishment together. Yep, we were pretty close. ^_^
This is not the best picture of us, but there are not many of us together... :P

Now for some more recent ones:

Being silly with marshmallows.

There are not many pictures of us together because I am usually the one taking the pictures!
Even though we still have many funny pranks going through our heads we don't put them into practice anymore, although, we would love to get an ocaasional prank in on Fiona. Well, Shay is telling me to hurry up. So,
<3 <3 <3
Elisa. :) :) :) :) :)

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  1. How nice it is to have a best friend who is also a sister! I'm jealous a little. My sister and I weren't as close.

    The last picture of Irene kind of looks like she's pulling snot out of her nose. :)


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