Sunday, December 26, 2010

On Christmas we had Hadley, kake and their family over, as I think I already said. But we went for a walk and took pictures. Here are a few that I took! :D
Kerilynn (or Kake) who is soooo cute!

Hadley, taking a picture of me... taking a picture of her.
Kerilynn and my boots. Mine look odd and glowy. :P
Our crazy socks! Awesome!!! :D
A car that I liked. :D
My Mom swears that it is our old car that we sold. XD
Hadley, being pretty in her new coat and carrying her awesome camera, Parker.
I will steal a few of hers ( I hope she does not mind.) and put them here also! :D
Mine, Kerilynn and Fiona's boots. :)

Irene, who I think could model too, but needs to grow some more. :P

Yeah, so you can see she is pretty (really) good at photography. :D
Back to mine.... a few that I almost forgot to put in...:
I like this picture:
It is kind of odd. :D
Irene... again.
A rotton apple thingy.
I tried to play chess today, for like the third time in my life, I failed. And we did not even finish the game! I think I did badly. :P But it was fun! :D

My family is watching Ice Age. I love this movie!

Right now we are stuck using internet explorer and I hate it!!!!!!!!!! HATE HATE HATE it!!!!!!!!!
I don't really have anything more to say......... bye!
<3 <3 <3 <3 You all! <3 :D :D :D
Elisa.:) :) :) :)


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