Thursday, December 2, 2010

my cute little brothers ^_^

I have the sweetest little brothers, they can be annoying, true. but all-in-all, they are pretty sweet. :D 

Owen would not allow me to take a good picture and in the end I had to sneak one. :P
He said that if I got a good picture of him I would post it on my bog and say:
"LOL! How cuuuute!!!!"
When I asked him if he knew what lol meant he replied in a buttery voice,
"I don't know. You tell me. You are the one who is always typing it."
 Joseph is a little ham and I had to fight him to get him to smile normally...
 Zeke is even more of a ham then Joseph and is always willing to have his picture taken, but on one condition, his little doll would be in one of them. :D

It is dark, so the pictures look kinda funny, but oh well. :P
 Noah, his eye turns in and before I take his picture I say
"Noah, fix your eye" So he closes on of them and grins the cutest little smile. 
^_^ Awwwwwwww!
 Joseph, rejoicing in new clothes. 

And being a ham... again....

And now, I say what Owen said I would and say
LOL!!!! How cuuuute!!!!
Revenge is sweet.... although it is not really good revenge, it is just kind of.... "Mwahaha" under my breathe.
I might see Harry Potter 7 tonight! W00t!
<3 Love you all!!!!!!
Elisa. :)


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