Thursday, December 2, 2010

John Wayne and Harry Potter. :D

I am John Wayne's biggest fan. BIGGEST!!!!!!!!!!! My Grandma sent this magazine home with my little sisters, I was idly flipping through it when my eyes became huge and my jaw dropped on the floor, after chasing my sister's dog around the house because he ran off with it, I returned to the magazine. Inside was filled with John Wayne stuff!!!!! They had John Wayne calendars, cards, t-shirts, small wax figures, cups, blankets and more!!! <3 <3 <3
He was my first crush. XP

I just got back from Harry Potter seven, it was awesome. :D And might I add, I have an amazing older brother who bought my ticket! ^_^ He is always doing amazing things like that....
I really expected to cry when Dobby died... but I didn't, I didn't even tear up! :P Bad me. Bad. I had a really good laugh when my little sister screamed though. (I wont say names, I doubt she would like that very much) ... It was at the part where they first meet Voldemort's snake... I can't remember her name though. Alright, she gasped loudly... and shrieked a little. Heeheehee.  It was funny though.  And then I startled her and she jumped.... >:D
Voldemort was not as scary as I thought he would be, he hardly was scary at all! :P Ron is my favorite character. He is so dorky! XD
He and Hermione are soooo sweet! Even if they do fight a lot.... :D 

I don't really like Harry all that much, he is waaaay to emotional for me. :P
I will not include very many pictures of him because I dislike him. 
Boo Harry! BOO!!!!
Plus, I really *hate* Daniel Radcliffe. I hope I spelled his name right....

And then there is Hermione, who could not love her?
Sooo pretty! ^_^
Some people have told me I kind of look like her (I wish!) It is probably the frizzy hair. :P

Harry and Hermione...

Yeah, so it was a really good movie, if you like Harry Potter that is...
:D Not much to say though, I am not a very good movie critic. The directing I really liked, I liked the colors they used, they just seemed... different. I am going to go put my ticket in my journal (I save *everything* that can be a memory) and write a very looong journal... ummm... entry... I guess, if that word works for journals. :P
Love ya'll! 
Elisa. :)

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  1. <3 Harry Potter.
    I KNOW, Ron and Hermione are so sweet! I love Ron!
    Yes. I think Daniel Radcliffe didn't do a particularly good job in this one. Plus he is really ugly. :-P Just sayin'.


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