Wednesday, December 1, 2010


You know what? Pointers are always welcome, even if they are-
"Wow Elisa, you should really work on your grammar"
"Hmmm, maybe you should work on condensing your sentences."
I had a pretty good afternoon, I went to Dairy Queen with some of my friends, the walk was nice and the conversation even better! :D I really don't have much to talk about, I am mostly posting because I feel like it. ^_^
So, for curiosity's sake, is there anything i should do to it? be as frank as you want, I am not usually bothered by that kind of thing. :D Today was a beautiful fall day, nice, rainy and not really gray, just.... nice. I can't really explain it, I just think today was nice. :) I love randomness, when it comes to cartoons or such, when you go through girl's profiles on blogger, you will notice that *tons* of them say things like-
" Hi! I am a (such-in-such) years old, I love to ride horses, drink chocolate milk (<3) and I am totally RANDOM! Spotted turkey! See?"
Why would you broadcast that? I wouldn't! Weeeeird. :P
I love two cartoons, Invader Zim and Teen Titans. Both amazing in their own uniquely awesome way. :D
Teen Titans:

Starfire is awesome!
But Raven is my favorite.

Invader Zim:
This show is awesome, it is so different!!! :D

I love Gaz, she is so cute! She is a little girl who does not always understand what is going on, but has the most sense of all of them. Zim and his arch nemesis Dib will be having this long battle and Gaz will end it very smoothly just for some peace and quiet. 

GIR is ah-mazing!!!!!!! He was supposed to be a highly intelligent robot, but he was messed up and ended up being a silly and odd one. :P Zim was not actually going to be an invader, but gave the people who were choosing who to be an invader no choice to make Zim one, after running out of good robots they pulled GIR out of the trash (where they put the ones that got messed up) and put some random things they found in their pockets in his head. If that makes sense..... Anyways, he is really cute. ^_^ 

This is him out of his dog costume:

I have this t-shirt and I loooove it! Actually, I am wearing it right now...
heeheehee. ^_^
Elisa. :)

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  1. Yes, isn't it annoying when people describe themselves as random? I think it's kinda overused. :-D
    I need to see Invader Zim sometime :)


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