Thursday, November 25, 2010


I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :D We had my Grandma and Uncle over and just had a quiet dinner... wait... quiet?! It was not really quiet, but fun anyways. :)

 Before dinner some people went and talked in the living room.
My Dad looking very dignified as he made the turkey

Pretty candle! :D

My Dad cutting the turkey. ^_^


The older people's table, I didn't take a picture of the younger kid's table, you don't want to see it, half of their faces were covered in potatoes, and the rest in yams. Yelch.

My beautiful sister Shay. ^_^

 My Dad and Uncle got very full. They just kind of lay there and watched me take the picture. Sad to say, the lighting was terrible and all-in-all, the picture kind of looked weird.
Nice foot Papa...

We showed my Grandma Hello Dolly. The one done by KA that is, I love it! :D 
I have to say on more thing. 
Comments make me happy. 
even if they are thinks like
Yes! Mr. Darcy is epic. 

they make me happy. :)
Just sayin' 
There are some pretty funny commercials out there, like the Allstate mayhem ones. XD

or the Sprint ones,

There are many more really good ones, but I don't want to post anymore. :D
I ate four pieces of pie. It was yummy.
Elisa. :)


  1. I hate Sprint commercials. Terrible.

    Oh, and you should standardize where you put your captions. Sometimes it's confusing which caption goes with which picture. Most people put them beneath the picture, but I kind of like them on the top. Either way, you should keep it the same. :P

    Not like I'll stop following your blog if you don't or anything... Just a friendly 2am tip :P

  2. Ok, I LOVE the Allstate Mayhem ones :) And the Geico ones :)

  3. How could you not like the Sprint commercials? They are funny!
    Oh, okay, I didn't notice I switched! :P
    The Geico ones are funny, but I my dad wanted me to get off the computer and so I didn't have time to mention them. :P

  4. Wait... 2am? What were you doing? Insomnia?

  5. Love the pic of your dad relaxing with his apron still on. :)


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