Monday, November 22, 2010

My progress in picture taking!!! :D

I just saw one of my first pictures, AWFUL! :D I love seeing my progress in things. :D
This was my first picture, to be taken on my green camera that is...

Or these ones. :P

This one is not so bad.... but still. :P

This was after about a month.

I really actually like the tree. 

I love the way the Sax. looks in this one. :D

AFTER.... Err... now... :P

I think I can say I have made progress! I know I am still not good (at all) but I definitely like my newer ones. :D 
Elisa. :)


  1. wow. That's a great comparison. Your newer ones are sooooo much better. And it's amazing what you do with that old camera!


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