Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This is my little friend. ^_^  I paint her nails a lot and she really likes that. :) One time I gave her a bottle if nail polish for her birthday, that made her happy. X)

Lindsey. :)
 I don't know why Noelle's hair looks green, kinda odd.....  

Joseph petting Hercule our little dog. :) Hercule just came to our house. He suddenly appeared! After a while of trying to find his real home, we just kept him. :) As much as he bothers me, I am glad we have him. :P  

I took this in our yard and like how the colors look. :) I also like how the bee stayed there long enough for me to snap it. :)

My younger sister actually took this one. it's of me wearing one of  my favorite hats and reading a book on Sgt. York. :)

I have been working on biology lately. :) (which I LOVE) It is so interesting! I have been working on a test,. :P Hard, but fun. :)
I really don't have very much to say.... 

You should really check this blog out. :) He does not update very often, but he is FUNNY! :D

And if you want a pretty pair of earrings, enter this giveaway!!!!! I love them! :)

I am going to go help my sister clean the kitchen so we can watch Harry Potter. :)
Bye! <3 


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