Friday, October 1, 2010

Cougar WA.

So on Wednesday my Dad, Forrest, Owen and I all went to Cougar WA. :) We stayed up in a cabin, out where there is no cell service, electricity is from a generator in the shed by the cabin tat we have to start up ourselves, wood stoves, trees everywhere, deer , moss, hikes, the river and.... JET SKIING!!!!!!!!
On the first day, well... it was not really day time when we got there... We danced around the living room to Modest Mouse, ate cheetoes and then dinner at 11:00 and went to bed. ^_^ The next morning I got up at 9:30 and sat by the woods stove with a cup of apple juice as Owen told what- if after what- if. :)
"What if you woke up and I was there only I was pale faced?" I think pale faced means he was really pale.......
Later, we went on a 6 or 7 mile hike, we crossed a suspension bridge, which was awesome! I shook it really hard and jumped up and down to make it sway. ^_^ By the time we got back to the van we were all very warm and tired. :P It was a pretty warm day. :P

 Forrest took this picture. :) I don't know why it is so fuzzy.....
 My Dad took this picture on his phone. We are on top of a VERY large rock swinging our legs. :) It's actually in a place where there was a sign that said not to leave the path. X)

My Dad took this one too, It's of me on the suspension bridge. :)

 I took this one outside the cabin where we stayed. :) It is so pretty there. :)
 This is of the suspension bridge, when we had a little longer to walk. :)

Me looking down from the suspension bridge, :)  That is not even the highest point! :D

Looking down again. :)

and again. You can tell I do that quite frequently. :)

 Sticking me foot out over the edge. :D I was standing really close to it. My Mom does not like this picture. XD
My Dad shaking the bridge. :)

Forrest and I siting next to the water fall. :) Can you believe I just saw my first waterfall? :P Well, it's true....

After that, we went jet skiing with or friends, that was fun. :)
Then, while my Dad went back to the cabin to start BBQ for dinner, Forrest and I went to the suspension bridge again!  only this time we went with Scott, Daniel, Shay and Andy. :) Only this time it was dark and so not NEARLY as warm :) So after that, we went back to the cabin and listened to Squirrel Nut Zippers, talked and made dinner. It was nice and warm in the cabin. :)
We are dinner and they left, I crashed into bed and slept in really late the next day. :) 
The cabin was cold on Friday, and being all out of jeans I wore my shorts. :P So I put on me jean jacket and happy scarf. :) I don't know why, but certain random thing make me happy so I call them my happy ----! Like my happy shoes, happy scarf, happy pen, happy hat etc. :) 

Owen showed me his 'treasures' which consisted of a golf ball, a rock, a piece of wire, something off a fishing rod, and this piece of metal that came off of who knows what.... He was so proud of them ^_^
On the way home we stopped by the river to jet ski again, the water was like ice!!! The wind was really cold too. :P Papa just made dinner. :) He is an amazing cook. :D He used to work at a restaurant. :) 
Bye! Wow... this post is boring........ and long.........
Bye! <3 Elisa. :) 


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