Monday, September 27, 2010

Church. :)

So we went to Church on Sunday... yup.... and I was on nursery for during the sermon. :) I love little kids and enjoy doing it. :)
 He was very pleased when I showed him his picture on the camera. :D He kept pointing to it and repeating his name. ^_^

I LOVE her outfit! And I adore her X) She is the cutest little baby! :)

We are renting a gym in a high school and all the kids can go down there and play:
                                                                        Dodge ball!

  Personally , I don't like dodge ball... so I watched the basketball game. :)              

For a while I sat on the bleachers with Kake  ( it's a nickname)and Lindsey. :) But then they went and played dodge ball after a little while. :)

Another nursery picture. :) 


We were having French fries with dinner and Joseph got silly.....

I like the way this rose turned out. :)

Forrest made me a 'splatter board' :D It's where he just paints a board, splatters some other color on and lets it dry! When it is done all of your friends sign it! :D

I went to a tea party last week. :) It was fun. The lighting was good for pictures and just about everyone had a camera with them ^_^

Juli, cuz' she is pretty. :)

She is doing the Harriette pose from Emma. :)

 A bee landed on a tea cup. :)

Suzy and the blue tea cup. :D

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  1. the picture of the bee on the teacup is really cool! :-)


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