Thursday, September 16, 2010

A bunch of old kinda pictures

Noelle. :D Right now she is carrying a tractor around the room saying "I'm a Mama! I'm a Mama!" :D

Me. :) I like this picture, I think it turned out really well. :)

Noelle again. :)

This is just a picture I took when I was going for a walk and liked. :)

The glass was shiny  and I couldn't resist. :)

Zeke on the slide. :) He was yelling "Hey! Hey! Take a picture of me!" I think he was slipping when I took it. :D

I love the way the saxophone looks in this picture. :D

Scott on the bobcat.

King of the hill!

Joseph got weird....

How cute! I only wish it was a better picture...

Joseph. :) Again... :D

I like this song, as long as it's been edited that is. :P Not much has happened around here...

I'm going to go to a Vintage dance soon! I hope I can wear something like this...

Poodle skirt!!!!!!! :D

I love the scarf and everything that you can wear with them :D

                                                          I love the saddle shoes too, I    
                                                              hope I can get a pair! :D

These are the type of glasses I can wear too. :) They are so cute! :D

I'm afraid I am getting quite dull... So I'll go before you all die of boredom. :)

Elisa :)


  1. Great post! You're a good photographer! Love that picture of you, and also the one with Noelle wearing glasses! :) I didn't know Chris played the saxaphone! :) lol cute skirt!! WANT~!!


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