Monday, March 12, 2012

On things like life :)

You know those times when life just seems to be going so great? You have great friends, awesome family, happy things, and totally amazing wonderful memories that flood to your head when you hear certain songs start to play...Life seems to be looking like that for me..I have recently re-connected with some friends I have not been talking to as much lately, I had an awesome weekend, and everything just seems to be looking up :) 
 Of course, there are a couple of annoying things..But not so much that they are gonna dampen my mood! ;) I got whiplash on Tuesday :P That's one of 'em :P Sure, it hurts..haha XD It doesn't make much  sense that I got it...It was from being in the back of an old school bus with no seat belts..and the driver went over a couple of speed bumps too fast and..yeah..haha :P 

 Iv'e also been missing California..I know I mentioned that a little bit ago..But its still true :P I miss the warmth, the beach, the sun, the..awesomeness :P It also doesn't help that I have been thinking about it more than usual ;) The weather here has been absolutely insane..I mean, it was (seriously) like this..Shorts one day...Snow the next.. Shorts the day after that...and then insane amounts of rain. Like that. Seriously. Now its raining again...I love rain, but this is a little crazy! haha 
I was recently going through and looking at some of my old pictures.. Some of them aren't so great..and some of them I'm still kinda happy with :P Maybe I'm just super picky... But I rarely like a picture I take :P 
These are some older ones (These ones are from April) 

I want a cat so badly. Someday I will have one. Just so ya'll know ;)
I also miss Portland. I mean, I live close enough that I can just take the bus over there..But I have not been there for a while..:P Its seriously my happy place though..Someday, I will take all day and just walk around..Sit in a coffee shop and watch all the people pass by, drink some coffee and look at Pinterest ;D

But I have not really been doing much photography lately..So I don't have very many pictures that I can post :P I'm sure once it gets warmer..and the sun comes out I'll start taking more pictures..But for right now, my camera is just sitting in my room trying its best to look happy with a yellow smiley face sticker stuck to it ;) 

I am so looking forward to when the streets dry up, so I can get my skateboard out of my room and start riding it again :D 
Well, thanks for reading! :D Comments mean the world to me :) Also, there is a poll in the corner..That you can vote on if you want! 
and Now...................

Question of the post!!!

(that sometimes has something to do with the post..and sometime doesn't..)
What are some of your favorite things to do during the Summer? :D 

<3 <3 <3


  1. Good Post!! Glad to hear that things are seeming to turn around for you! And.... To answer your question, Some of the best things during summer are random things... Hiking, Camping, Bike rides (on trails, get lost, have to carry the bikes XD), Late night parties, Vacations, you know.. Stuff like that! XD

  2. I loved your post, Elisa! ^_^ You take some really great pictures. Honestly, you do. :) I'm so happy to hear things are looking up for you!

    Things I love to do in the summer: Visiting the beach, going on vacation (but not too long of one ;)), lying in the sun reading a good book, having hours and hours to do whatsoever I please, hanging out with really good friends. Oh yes. Summer is the best. :D

  3. Yes! The weather was INSANE yesterday! woke to brilliant sun, did algebra during a monsoon, did science during a blizzard, had lunch just as the hail was coming in. It's like the dude who makes the weather got really bored and decided to mess around with Oregon. Adorable Kitten picture!

    Favorite thing to do during the Summer: enjoy having warm feet.


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